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Sachin Gupta (AIR 3; CSE 2017)  Sakshi Garg (AIR 350; CSE 2017)  Sakshi Sawhney (AIR 6; CSE 2013)  Saloni Rai AIR 22; CSE 2015  Saloni Sidana (AIR 74; CSE 2013)  Samir Saurabh (AIR 127; CSE 2015)  Sandeep Kumar Meena AIR 852 CSE-2017  Sandeep Rana AIR 122 CSE 2011  Sangh Priy (AIR 92; CSE 2017)  Sanjay Kumar IAS (AIR 6; CSE 2007)  Sanjeev Kumar Maurya (AIR 89; CSE 2017)  Santosh Kumar Roy (AIR 107; CSE 2013)  Sarneet Kaur Broca (AIR 39; CSE 2015)  Saumya Sharma (AIR 9; CSE 2017)  Saurabh (AIR142; CSE 2015)  Saurabh Gaharwar (AIR 46; CSE 2015)  Saurabh Jassal (AIR 404; CSE 2017)  Saurabh Kumar Bhuwania AIR 113 CSE 2018  Scheme & Pattern  Science background  self evaluation analysis assessment  self-study  Shah Faesal (AIR 1; CSE 2009)  Shailendra Singh Indolia AIR 38 CSE 2016  Shailesh Kumar (AIR 41; CSE 2015)  Shalini Duhan (AIR 21; CSE 2015)  Shilpi (AIR 198; CSE 2015)  Shiv Sahay Awasthi AIR 34 CSE 2010  Shreshth Tayal (AIR 73; CSE 2017)  Shreyans Kumat (AIR 4; CSE 2018)  Shreyash Pratap Singh (AIR 266; CSE 2017)  Shrikrishnanath Panchal (AIR 16; CSE 2015)  Shubham Gupta (AIR 6; CSE 2018)  Siddhant Jain (AIR 201; CSE 2017)  Siddharth Jain (AIR 13; CSE 2015)  Siddhartha Yadav 1st Rank UPPCS 2015  Simrandeep Singh (AIR 52; CSE 2007)  Sparsh Gupta (AIR 562; CSE 2018)  SRUSHTI-JAYANT-DESHMUKH (AIR 2; CSE 2018)  strength and weaknesses  study material resources  Stuti Charan (AIR 3; CSE 2012)  success plan tips & preparation strategy  success rate  successful candidates  Sudhir Kumar (AIR 42; CSE 2017)  Sumit Kumar (AIR 493; CSE-2017)  Sumit Kumar (AIR 53; CSE-2018)  SUMIT KUMAR RAI (AIR 54; CSE 2018)  Suraj Patel (AIR 475; CSE 2017)  Surbendu Thakur (AIR 247; CSE 2015)  SUVENDHU KUMAR PATRA (AIR 456; CSE 2018)  Suvendhu Patra AIR 456 CSE 2018  Swapnil G Wankhade (AIR 132; CSE 2015)  syllabus for IAS Exam  

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