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Civil Service Examination Preparation Strategy: Long-term Planning

On Wednesday 6th May 2020  

It is tough; no doubt about that.

We sincerely hope that some of the suggestions listed here would help the candidates planning to take a plunge in Civil Services Examination to plan out a strategy of their own.

Instead of trying, gaining awareness by taking 1-2 attempts, prepare meticulously so that you achieve success in your first attempt and that too with high ranks.

Last Update Thursday 7th May 2020

Anthropology - Optional Subject (Main Examination) Syllabus

On Tuesday 19th February 2019  

Anthropology Syllabus - Optional Subject (Main Examination)

Last Update Tuesday 19th February 2019

ECONOMICS - Optional Subject (Main Examination) Syllabus

On Tuesday 19th February 2019  

Syllabus of Economics - Optional Subject Main Examination

Last Update Tuesday 19th February 2019

Civil Services Examination Syllabus

On Sunday 17th February 2019  

As per the scheme of Civil Services Examination, the syllabus for both Preliminary Examination as well as Main Examination are given below.

Last Update Sunday 17th February 2019

Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination Syllabus

On Sunday 17th February 2019  

Syllabus for Preliminary Examination Paper 1 (General Studies) and Paper 2 (Aptitude Test) is given here for your quick reference.

Preliminary Examination Paper I is more significant as your result is based on it. 

Preliminary Examination Paper II has been made qualifying from 2015 onwards.

Last Update Sunday 17th February 2019

To ensure success in IAS, make up your mind and be ready to do whatever it takes to reach your goal; says Dr K. Vijayakarthikeyan, IAS

On Sunday 11th November 2018  

In first article of this series “Nothing beats Hard Work, Patience and Perseverance”, we touched upon issue that deal with beginners’ mind-set.

I caught up again with Dr K. Vijayakarthikeyan, IAS (AIR 22; CSE 2010), author of recently launched book ‘Once Upon An IAS Exam’ to get answer to some of the queries that an aspirant usually ask.

We move a step forward and talk about things that surround your mind when you commence preparation.

Last Update Sunday 11th November 2018

What is adequate time duration for an effective Civil Services Examination preparation?

On Sunday 7th October 2018  

In recent times the Civil Services Examination has been transformed and the way aspirants look at it has also changed dramatically.

So, what used to be approx. from 1 year to 3 years’ time period for sound preparation; now, a large section of candidates keep minimum one to one and half years time-frame for preparation.

What has changed?

With lots of awareness around and advice from successful candidates, it is not difficult to make your game-plan and guidance from trusted coaching institute with a hands-on learning approach, it has become easier to manage the preparation-plan.

Last Update Saturday 28th March 2020

Civil Services Examination: Integrated approach for preparing General Studies

On Sunday 3rd June 2018  

In the whole Civil Services Examination plan, General Studies has become the most significant constituent.

Be it Preliminary Examination, Main or even Personality Test, the information you pick has a vital role to play. For an effective preparation, candidates should formulate some tactics that make preparation sound and strategic.

Integrate Approach adopting Main Examination oriented preparation is the correct strategy for an effective Study-Plan.

Last Update Sunday 3rd June 2018

Civil Services Exam favours Humanities background candidates but Science background candidate’s success-rate is higher, why?

On Sunday 22nd April 2018  

Science, Medical or Engineering background candidates although have very good success-rate; but, as the trends indicate, majority of them achieve success by picking Humanities subjects as optional.

Making cross-domain shift has been a regular phenomenon that has been witnessed for long time and lots of Pure Science/Engineering/Medical Background candidates are making their presence felt; this trend still continues even when only 'One' optional subject is needed.

Last Update Monday 6th April 2020

What is the correct strategy to prepare General Studies Paper ?

On Sunday 22nd April 2018  

Preparation for Civil Services Examination revolves around General Studies; be it Preliminary Examination or Main, General Studies importance can't be ignored.

As such, UPSC is in inventive mode and it is clearly visible in the quality of questions being asked in the examination.

While preparing for General Studies, the coverage of contemporary issues has made newspaper reading a must. Be it Prelims or Main examination, you cannot undermine the value of current events and contemporary developments.

Last Update Monday 6th April 2020

IAS Prelims Syllabus: Move towards Specific

On Monday 23rd March 2015  

The framework for syllabus clearly indicates richness and complexity that requires a move in the strategy for Preliminary Examination for effective preparation.

Last Update Friday 24th April 2015

Civil Services Examination: Plans & Strategies for beginners

On Sunday 15th March 2015  

Enough has been said and discussed regarding the ‘Civil Services Examination’. Still, among beginners there is uncertainty that in which manner they should start and plan for this long journey. Similarly, others preparing for next or may be last attempt, search is on for some useful insights that can enliven the prospects.

Last Update Sunday 18th October 2015

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