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Sluggish show by Hindi medium candidates continues even in Civil Services Examination 2015

On Sunday 12th June 2016  

The trend that gathered pace with Civil Services Examination 2011 after new-look Preliminary Examination came into force where saga of Hindi medium candidates receded dramatically in Preliminary Examination.

Now, five years have passed and with a glance at final results of CSE 2015, there is nothing constructive and the awful performance by Hindi Medium Candidates continues.

It is manifested in the figures extracted from latest UPSC Annual Reports that inadequate representation of Candidates with Hindi Medium continues even in Civil Services (Main) Examination 2014.

Last Update Sunday 10th July 2016

Civil Services (Main) Examination 2014 (Written and Interview): PLAN OF EXAMINATION

On Sunday 1st June 2014  

The plan of examination for CSE 2014 is same as we had in the new format that came in effect from Civil Services (Main) Examination 2013.

Last Update Thursday 21st May 2015

Scheme for the Civil Services (Main) Examinations 2014

On Sunday 1st June 2014  

The format for Main Examination 2014 has 9 papers; out of these first 2 papers are qualifying and rest 7 papers would be counted for merit.

Last Update Thursday 21st May 2015

Civil Services Examination has changed; but, some coaching institutes have not

On Saturday 14th December 2013  Many candidates who joined coaching institutes for General Studies preparation for Main Examination 2013 are of the view that the new format for Main Examination gave coaching institutes a chance to hike the fee for General Studies preparation; but, as a matter of fact, that enhancement did not take reflect in their efforts, claims the discontent lot of candidates.
Last Update Monday 13th January 2014

Should you overlook Optional subject preparation?

On Monday 9th December 2013  Although, the pattern for Main Examination has changed but, optional subject still has important role to play. Now, Main Examination 2013 has been conducted with new format, again Optional Subject's significance is being felt and it would come back on radar of the serious candidates.
Last Update Wednesday 1st January 2014

Understand the value of all Papers of General Studies

On Thursday 28th November 2013  In the new-format for Main Examination with the changes in domain of General Studies, it gets the might it deserved. While framing the new syllabus, UPSC has gone a step ahead and come out with highly structured syllabus defining it in detail. Some of the topics in General Studies syllabus are new; but, major portion is facets that are newly re-defined. Yes, GS Paper IV is new addition.
Last Update Sunday 29th December 2013

General Studies Paper 4 (Ethics, integrity and Aptitude) is a thriller

On Saturday 5th October 2013  

With introduction of psychological aptitude and value system tests in examination scheme, endeavour is to attract the brightest candidates for the post of ‘Civil Servants’ who can perform the functions through the lens of integrity and ethics. It is an attempt to ensure that people with right attitude are taken in the government service, especially at the senior level post and services.

Last Update Sunday 15th March 2015

Impact of a wrong choice of optional subject

On Wednesday 25th September 2013  Choice of optional subject has never been easy for CSE aspirants. It has become more difficult now, as in new format for Main Examination candidates need to pick only ‘one’ optional subject.
Last Update Monday 9th December 2013

Optional Subject Selection for CS (Main) Exam: Points to consider

On Tuesday 13th August 2013  For Main Examination 2013, most of the candidates must have selected optional subject and would be moving ahead with preparation-plan. Still, there would be many candidates who still will be confused with this decision and would be searching for help.
Last Update Tuesday 14th October 2014

ETHICS, INTEGRITY AND APTITUDE: UPSC releases sample questions for General Studies Paper IV

On Saturday 10th August 2013  Giving a big comfort to the candidates appearing in Main Examination 2013, UPSC has released a set of sample questions for Paper V (General Studies Paper IV) ETHICS, INTEGRITY AND APTITUDE.
Last Update Saturday 10th August 2013

Toppers’ opinion on new format for Main examination

On Monday 5th August 2013  We had discussed a lot about the recent changes and related details in the new format for Main Examination so that you can get to know about new format for Main Examination. To get some more views and insights, we reached out to some of the toppers of CSE 2012 could throw some light as how they look at these as before knowing their result, most of them were also getting in to the mold to face this new format.
Last Update Monday 5th August 2013

Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2013 Result Out

On Saturday 3rd August 2013  

Much awaited result of Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination, 2013 was announced by UPSC on August 2, 2013. This seems to be a record number of candidates getting eligible to appear in Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2013 that is scheduled to be held from December 1, 2013.

Last Update Saturday 14th July 2018

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