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My preparation for General Studies contributed the most in getting Success Thrice; says Mudit Jain (Rank 173; CSE 2017)

On Saturday 2nd May 2020  

Being mediocre does not help here; every time you need to show exceptional performance to emerge winner in Civil Services Examination.

This is a story of Mudit Jain who cracked Civil Services Examination thrice and finally settled for career in Indian Revenue Services (IT).

He had chosen Geography as Optional Subject; but later, he regrets his choice.

Last Update Sunday 5th July 2020

Preparation Plan - Bandla Dinesh Aditya (AIR 270; CSE 2015)

On Saturday 25th April 2020  

Fortunes opened doors for Bandla Dinesh Aditya as with CSE 2015 additional attempts were given by UPSC and he grabbed the opportunity with both hands. 

For him, not repeating previous mistakes was important. He tried to analyse his mistakes in each of the attempts (5 in all) and had not made the same major error twice. 

His consistent efforts got him 270th rank in Civil Services Examination 2015 that got him Indian Revenue Service (IRS – IT).

Last Update Thursday 30th April 2020

Life was tough; but, with Dedication and Hard Work, I achieved what once looked just Fantasy; says Praveen Kumar Laxkar (AIR 116; CSE 2011)

On Tuesday 21st April 2020  

With New-Look Prelims that came in to existence with CSE 2011, lots of candidates with higher degrees/professional studies got more prominence and media coverage in this result.

This is a story of a common candidates coming from average background who despite of severe difficulties and setbacks, made it to IAS. 

Showing faith in his capabilities Praveen Kumar Laxkar, a Hindi medium candidate achieved splendid success in Civil Services Examination 2011 and secured 116th rank.

Last Update Sunday 5th July 2020

I appeared in CSE not only to become an IAS; I have a mission, says Nidhi Choudhari (AIR 145; CSE 2011)

On Tuesday 21st April 2020  

Hailing from Nagaur, Rajasthan, Nidhi Choudhari had a childhood dream of becoming IAS officer so that she could contribute a little for betterment of life of girl-child and women in our conservative society particularly in villages.

Nidhi, a mother of 2-years old son achieved this brilliant success in her second attempt.

She had tasted the sweetness of success in her first attempt also as she secured 678th rank in CSE 2010 and got the post of IAAS.

Last Update Sunday 5th July 2020

Career in ‘Civil Services’; I am enjoying it, says Rajanvir Singh Kapur (AIR 92; CSE 2011)

On Tuesday 21st April 2020  

Civil Services Examination has a class of its own. To achieve success with higher ranks has always been a dream for many.

The CSE 2011 result represents the changing trend; and now, UPSC has been able to hit the chord by selecting highly talented and competent youth for the top posts.

Flair of one such engineer is diverted towards administration and when such talented youngsters are getting selected for top posts, one thing is for sure - at least people like Rajanvir Singh Kapur certainly will remain back here in India and contribute for the development of the country.

Last Update Sunday 5th July 2020

Sumit Kumar Rai (AIR 54; CSE 2018) : How to face unpredictability and accomplish something that seems unattainable?

On Monday 13th April 2020  

Accomplishing something that really seemed unattainable for a long period makes it exciting, an unforgettable moment when you actually achieve it.

For Sumit Kumar Rai, it was a long wait for success as it came with his 5th attempt.

Here, Sumit has shed some light on some pertinent facts by sharing his experience with Civil Services Examination touching fine points that will help you in understanding the requirements better.

Last Update Monday 6th July 2020

It is ‘Willingness’ to Learn that creates the difference; says Karnati Varunreddy (AIR 7; CSE 2018)

On Monday 13th April 2020  

Like success, failure has several effects and such occurrences have diverse impact on individuals. Here we are talking about Karnati Varunreddy a youngster from Nalgonda, Telangana for whom failure became a plateau at which he got his thoughts in order and put things in perspective to try again. 

His campaign continued till he reached his destination in fifth attempt. Though, he succeeded in his third attempt when he changed his optional subject from Geography to Mathematics; but, with 166th Rank he got IRS (IT). In 4th attempt again he made it but, 225th Rank in CSE 2017 proved to be a rung on the ladder.

Here, Karnati Varunreddy shares his preparation-Plan for Civil services Examination and experiences he gained and how his positive mental attitude helped him stay in the race.

Last Update Monday 13th April 2020

Success in Civil Services Exam is all about how intense the desire is and your willingness to give it your best; says Sandeep Rana (AIR 122; CSE 2011)

On Friday 10th April 2020  

In this arena, we talks about 3 Cs, Capability, Courage and Commitment.

These words stand so true about Sandeep Rana who achieved brilliant success in Civil Services Examination and accomplished his Goal.

By showing courage to think big and believe in self being the prime motivator Sandeep continued his journey just by following his heart and ultimately reached his destination.

Last Update Sunday 5th July 2020

A Post-Graduate in Chemistry opted for Public Administration as Optional and secured 14th Rank in CSE 2018

On Wednesday 25th March 2020  

Resounding success of Ankita Choudhary has once again put Public Administration in limelight as she secured 14th rank in Civil Services Examination 2018.

Ankita, M.Sc. (Chemistry) from IIT, Delhi made strategic decision while opting for Optional Subject and decided in favour of Public Administration that contributed a lot in her success.

Last Update Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hard Work, Dedication coupled with a Smart Strategy worked for me; says Abhishek Jain (AIR 111; CSE 2018)

On Sunday 22nd March 2020  

If one has to sum up the success of Abhishek Jain, it can be done in one word – Grit.

By showing courage to appear in Civil Services Examination after finishing graduation and accomplishing the goal in first attempt is not a small feat.

In doing so, Abhishek showed his faith in his own subject by picking Commerce & Accountancy as his Optional Subject.

Last Update Friday 26th June 2020

There are a lot of personal factors that always motivates everyone; says Hitesh Kumar Meena (AIR 417; CSE 2018)

On Sunday 22nd March 2020  

“In my first attempt, failure at the last stage happened to me, next attempt again proved to be a blockade and the third turned to be the one that helped me accomplish the task” said Hitesh Kumar Meena (AIR 417; CSE 2018).

If he has to narrate his story for Civil Services Examination or Indian Forest Service Examination, the above statement stands true for both.

Hitesh had picked up Civil Engineering as Optional Subject.

Last Update Friday 26th June 2020

Impeccable commitment to my goal and putting right efforts at the right time is secret of my success; says Pooja Gupta (AIR 147; CSE 2018)

On Sunday 22nd March 2020  

Bachelor of Dental Surgery from GGSIPU, Delhi, Pooja Gupta set her goal very early in life and started working towards that. Being confident about her success, she planned her endeavour and by making the optimum use of the time available, she cracked Civil Services Examination in a flow.

Commencing preparation immediately after BDS, Pooja appeared in Civil Services Examination 2018 and achieved 147th rank in her very first encounter.

She had picked up Anthropology as her Optional Subject.

Last Update Friday 26th June 2020

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