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Preparing for Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2017

Civil Services Preliminary Examination is scheduled for June 18, 2017.


  • The Chanakya IAS Academy is conducting Model Prelims Cum Admission Test for the first time in Kerala to help student evaluate themselves for IAS Preparation. Take your first step to success in Civil service exam by appearing for this test on 28th October in one of your preferred centres, including Thrissur | Kottayam | Kochi | Trivandrum | Kozhikode

  • I am going to appear for the third time in Civil Services Examination and I am hoping this time I will clear my General Studies paper 4 and reach interview level. I have already wasted my first attempt in 2014 when I had appeared with the sole purpose of testing my knowledge but after preparing dedicatedly for 2 years and successfully clearing Prelims Exam in 2017, I am very much confident that in 2017 itself I will be able to live my IAS dream.

    And how did this happen, while everyone else kept cribbing about the difficulty levels of prelims 2017 I was able to crack it easily because of the Upgraded Foundation Course which I had joined for my 2016. This course provides complete solution for all three stages of UPSC Exam. I originally thought I only needed more direction and guidance for the Mains level, but now after opting for the entire course I realized a whole new perspective which is required for UPSC and critical tips on gaining admistrative traits and approach while attempting for mains which I was completely missing upon. The practice test series which was provided by them was close to 56% to the final test that came in Mains 2017 and now Iam so sure of my decision and while I am mostly on the helm of my interviews I would like to pass on this information to all my fellow aspirants especially the one's who have tried many a times but could not make it to the final round. You may check upon more about this course by dialing - 9711494830/9811671845

    As their new batch is starting on 20th November
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