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Being married and a parent, a late starter, in a full time job; still, able to accomplish the task in style; says Saurabh Kumar Bhuwania (AIR 113; CSE 2018)

On Saturday 10th August 2019  

A Chartered Accountant and MBA; talented Saurabh Kumar Bhuwania showed courage to appear in Civil Services Examination at age of 30 and realized his dream of making a career in ‘Civil Services’.

In his second attempt Saurabh achieved splendid success and secured AIR 113 in Civil Services Examination 2018

His Optional Subject was Commerce & Accountancy, his own subject.


Last Update Saturday 10th August 2019

People do Change the World; All One Need is a Strong Will; says Mayur Dixit (AIR 11; CSE 2012)

On Saturday 20th July 2019  

Mayur Dixit (AIR-11, CSE 2012) has reached the pinnacle of success by achieving top ranks in the Civil Services Examination.

From Investment Adviser to becoming IAS, it has been a story of many sacrifices just to follow his dreams. With career in Indian Administrative Service in his fold, has come close to what he feels would give him the utmost satisfaction in life.

Last Update Saturday 20th July 2019

For becoming IAS, Persistence paid off as Sumit Kumar Rai (AIR 54; CSE 2018) accomplished his Goal in 5th attempt

On Friday 12th July 2019  

A Gold medalist for the best academic performance at IIT-ISM, Dhanbad Sumit Kumar Rai began his career with Cairn India Limited; but, very early in life he had set his career destination as Indian Administrative Service (IAS).

As such it is a grueling exam-plan and preparing while working is more challenging. However, Sumit kept moving on the path and hope of big rewards motivated him to stick to it and finally, in his fifth attempt he cracked CSE 2018 and secured 54th rank.

He has chosen Public Administration as optional subject.

Last Update Sunday 21st July 2019

“UPSC Civil Services Examination is very easy; we fail when we unnecessarily complicate it”; says Pranav Anant Kanitkar (AIR 166; CSE 2017)

On Sunday 29th July 2018  

Pranav Anant Kanitkar, Masters in Economics had taken major decision by switching his job to create new value in life by pursuing Civil services Examination preparation. As has been destined, he had to work really hard and wait a little longer to make his dream come true.

What change made the biggest difference in his success- a word of advice from earlier selected candidates and he tasted the sweetness of success in his fifth attempt.

He got 166th rank in CSE 2017 and has placed his trust in Literature of Hindi Language choosing it as optional subject.

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019

The key to any success can be summarized in one term – Self-discipline; says Shreshth Tayal (AIR 73; CSE 2017)

On Monday 18th June 2018  

A practicing Chartered Accountant Shreshth Tayal has secured 73rd Rank in Civil Services Examination 2017.

Here he talks about preparation strategies and suggests some ways out to handle Civil Services Examination preparation effectively.

Optional Subject: Commerce & Accountancy

Number of Attempts: 2 (Two)

Last Update Monday 18th June 2018

Civil Services Exam can be made less unpredictable with preparation in right direction and applying that knowledge smartly; says Ankit Jain (AIR 222; CSE 2017)

On Sunday 17th June 2018  

Civil Services Examination preparation requires an organized study-plan and holistic approach. Ankit Jain list out his priorities and shares his understanding of each stage of this examination.

The most significant part of his experience is about Optional Subject where he talks about optional subject selection as he continued to show faith in Public Administration that has not been performing so well in recent times.

Educational Qualification: B.Tech from IET, Lucknow (UPTU)

Number of Attempts: Third attempt

Optional Subject: Public Administration

Last Update Sunday 17th June 2018

Unpredictability right from Preliminary Examination to Mains to Personality Test is the name of the game; says Prem Prakash Meena (AIR 102; CSE 2017)

On Sunday 17th June 2018  

Prem Prakash Meena talks about significance of effective preparation for General Studies and role of Optional Subject in overall strategy. His success-plan is enough to inspire you for an outstanding performance in Civil Services Examination.

Educational qualification: B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)

Optional Subject: Anthropology

Number of Attempts: 2nd Attempt – IAS

Previous Selection: 1st Attempt CSE 2016 - IRS, Income Tax

Last Update Sunday 17th June 2018

Don’t compare your journey with someone else; Take some clues to stimulate your efforts and make your preparation effectual, says Siddhant Jain (AIR 201; CSE 2017)

On Saturday 16th June 2018  

Siddhant Jain, B.Tech (Industrial and Systems Engineering) from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur has achieved a brilliant success in Civil Services Examination 2017.

It was his third attempt and he has chosen Geography as Optional Subject.

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019

With a seamless plan, right guidance and inner motivation, I achieved my Ultimate Goal; says Ankit Jain (AIR 222; CSE 2017)

On Wednesday 13th June 2018  

Ankit Jain, a B.Tech from IET, Lucknow (UPTU) has achieved splendid success in Civil Services Examination 2017. With AIR 222 he expects to fulfill his desire to be in Indian Police Service; his first preference.

With a steady career progression as a Back-Up Plan for Job Security, he achieved this success in his third attempt.

He has continued to show faith with Public Administration as optional subject.

Last Update Tuesday 30th July 2019

“When I started Civil Services Examination preparation, I couldn’t see the future; but, I gave it all that I have” says 46th rank Saurabh Gaharwar

On Tuesday 19th July 2016  

While lots of talented youth find excuse of working, being married and other obligations to cover their inability to set Goals; a few achievers set an example for others to follow.

Saurabh Gaharwar, pursuing senior residency at AIIMS has secured 46th rank in Civil Services Examination 2015 and accomplished the task in his first attempt itself.

Last Update Thursday 18th July 2019

Pursuit of a Goal should have a reason strong enough to keep you motivated throughout the journey, says Surbendu Thakur (AIR 247; CSE 2015)

On Friday 15th July 2016  

When we talk of career opportunities, we aim the top most service and make choices as per aptitude and interests. For Surbendu Thakur it was an aim to make career in Group ‘A’ services and at last, he achieved it in his fourth attempt.

With 247th Rank in Civil Services Examination 2015 Surbendu got Indian Revenue Service (IRS) that was his second preference after IAS and he is relaxed with the outcome.

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019

For working candidates, Perseverance is the only Key to Success in Civil Services Examination, Says R Vaithinathan (AIR 37; CSE 2015)

On Sunday 19th June 2016  

For a self-motivated doctor finding his way toward destination was not at all easy.

While preparing for Civil Services Examination this Puducherry boy R Vaithinathan was working and managed all in such a way that he cracked CSE 2015 in style and grabbed 37th rank.

No doubt, it took a little longer; but, after failing in last four attempts, he made a strong comeback and secured a rank that ensures post in Indian Administrative Services (IAS).

Last Update Thursday 18th July 2019

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