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Unpredictability right from Preliminary Examination to Mains to Personality Test is the name of the game; says Prem Prakash Meena (AIR 102; CSE 2017)

On Sunday 17th June 2018  

Prem Prakash Meena talks about significance of effective preparation for General Studies and role of Optional Subject in overall strategy. His success-plan is enough to inspire you for an outstanding performance in Civil Services Examination.

Educational qualification: B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)

Optional Subject: Anthropology

Number of Attempts: 2nd Attempt – IAS

Previous Selection: 1st Attempt CSE 2016 - IRS, Income Tax

Last Update Sunday 17th June 2018

While Optional Subject is the game changer; it is very crucial to get high marks in the optional in order to get a rank in the top 100; says Bipasha Kalita (AIR 41; CSE 2017)

On Sunday 17th June 2018  

Bipasha Kalita (AIR 41; CSE 2017) talks about her preparation style and the way she chalked out strategy for facing Civil Services Examination.

Optional Subject: Anthropology

Number of Attempts: 4 (Four)


Last Update Sunday 17th June 2018

Optional Subject selection is very crucial; it could make or break your shot; says Rishi Raj (AIR 27; CSE 2017)

On Sunday 17th June 2018  

Rishi Raj talks about his preparation style and the way he chalked out strategy for facing Civil Services Examination.

Optional Subject: Electrical Engineering

Number of Attempts: 2 (Two)

Last Update Friday 9th November 2018

With a seamless plan, right guidance and inner motivation, I achieved my Ultimate Goal; says Ankit Jain (AIR 222; CSE 2017)

On Wednesday 13th June 2018  

Ankit Jain, a B.Tech from IET, Lucknow (UPTU) has achieved splendid success in Civil Services Examination 2017. With AIR 222 he expects to fulfill his desire to be in Indian Police Service; his first preference.

With a steady career progression as a Back-Up Plan for Job Security, he achieved this success in his third attempt.

He has continued to show faith with Public Administration as optional subject.

Last Update Tuesday 30th July 2019

“Smart Work and Focused Strategy with Consistent Effort are the Key Mantras for my Success“; says Amol Srivastava (AIR 83; CSE 2017)

On Tuesday 12th June 2018  

Story of Amol Srivastva clearly resonates with a lot of talented youngsters who have made their presence felt in recent years. After completing B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) from VIT, Vellore Amol gave himself a new ambition to realize his dreams.

In his second attempt he achieved this brilliant success.

He chose Political Science & International Relations as Optional Subject.

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019

When you Harmonize your Dreams with your Abilities, You are Capable of Achieving Anything; says Prem Prakash Meena (AIR 102; CSE 2017)

On Sunday 10th June 2018  

Prem Prakash Meena has attained a brilliant success in Civil Services Examination 2017 and has secured 102nd rank that ensures post of ‘IAS’.

His journey from corporate world to making career in coveted Indian Administrative Services is inspiring for many professionally qualified youngsters who have dream to be a part of bureaucracy.

This was his second Attempts. In his first attempt also in CSE 2016, he cracked it with 969th rank and got IRS (Income Tax).

The Optional Subject he picked up was Anthropology that marked its contribution to finish it in style.

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019

Dedication, Hard Work, Smart Work, Consistency, and Self-belief helped me achieve my Goal, says Bipasha Kalita (AIR 41; CSE 2017)

On Thursday 7th June 2018  

The journey, from idea of preparing for Civil Services Examination to actually accomplishing it, is long and testing as you keep on making consistent effort; but, success sometimes comes a little late. This is what precisely happened with Bipasha Kalita from Assam who has secured 41st rank in Civil Services Examination 2017. It was her fourth attempt.

She has achieved this success with Anthropology as optional subject.

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019

IAS 2019 Preparation-Plan: Make a Rational Assessment about your Seriousness towards Ultimate GOAL

On Tuesday 5th June 2018  

If you have plans to appear in CSE 2019, you are taking a right decision to commence preparation and I would say it is not too late. One year time-frame before next year’s Preliminary Examination that is scheduled to be held on 2nd June 2019, is good enough for an effective preparation.

For beginners, decision about appearing in Civil Services Examination is a big challenge and giving some advice is really tough.

But, in the beginning, you should clear all doubts so that during preparation you may not face any difficulty. 

Last Update Tuesday 5th June 2018

Understand your Goals - Career in IAS; and say, ‘Yes; I Can’

On Tuesday 5th June 2018  

Civil Services Examination is a craze; still, many myths and wrong notions surround this examination sometimes forces many talented and deserving candidates to give it a pass.

However, this examination is both challenging and demanding; still, it is within reach of the candidates who demonstrate complete dedication towards it.

Last Update Saturday 22nd June 2019

Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2018; UPSC continue to exhibit an insatiable thirst for quality

On Sunday 3rd June 2018  

Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2018 staged on June 3, 2018 General Studies Paper I has been on target to serve the objective.

It has been again a very creative and innovative paper and contained 100 Question. It continues to be a pressure game.

It is a paper for survivors only and those who are well prepared with sturdy mindset would have come out smiling.

Last Update Sunday 3rd June 2018

Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2018: What should be your focus right now?

On Thursday 31st May 2018  

An outstanding Performance is expected from you.

How effectively you face the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2018 question papers in examination hall will determine your fate and only time will tell the outcome.

What is more important is that the outcome will define you are headed on the right track or not.


Last Update Thursday 31st May 2018

Sometimes an offbeat choice delivers much more than what you expect; says Shreshth Tayal (AIR 73; CSE 2017)

On Friday 25th May 2018  

Chartered Accountant & Company Secretary by qualification Shreshth Tayal has carved his future with a strategic move he made by deciding to appear in Civil Services Examination.

In his second attempt, Shreshth Tayal has secured 73rd rank in Civil Services Examination 2017.

Earlier also, he had held All India Ranks 20 in both CA Final and CS Final examinations.

He has made a unique service preference of not opting for IAS, IPS & IFS and giving first preference to IRS (IT).

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019

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