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Hope for Success and Perseverance helped in fulfilling my desire in 6th attempt; says Priyanka Niranjan (AIR 20; CSE 2012 Hindi Medium)

On Saturday 20th July 2019  

Step-by-Step moving towards the Goal Priyanka Niranjan has secured 20th rank in Civil Services Examination 2012. This success came to her in sixth attempt.

Inspired by the success of one of his friend’s selection with CSE 2010 she gained confidence and performed up to the expectation to achieve top rank.

Last Update Friday 10th April 2020

Family’s strength and encouragement from friends made this achievable, says Anubhav Singh (AIR 8; CSE 2017)

On Wednesday 16th May 2018  

At an early stage, educated thoroughly in Hindi medium, Anubhav had Primary and Middle education from his village till 8th standard; then, he moved to Allahabad to complete secondary education and simultaneously worked on his English as he knew he has to work on his language to achieve big.

His confidence soared once he cracked IIT entrance examination.

Anubhav started preparing for Civil Services Examination from the third year of his graduation.

After completing B.Tech. (Civil Engineering) from IIT Roorkee in 2015 he appeared in Civil Services Examination and achieved success in CSE 2016 with AIR 683 that got him Indian Revenue Service (IT). And now, in CSE 2017 Anubhav has secured Rank 8 with Mathematics as optional subject.

Last Update Thursday 2nd April 2020

Pursuit of a Goal should have a reason strong enough to keep you motivated throughout the journey, says Surbendu Thakur (AIR 247; CSE 2015)

On Friday 15th July 2016  

When we talk of career opportunities, we aim the top most service and make choices as per aptitude and interests. For Surbendu Thakur it was an aim to make career in Group ‘A’ services and at last, he achieved it in his fourth attempt.

With 247th Rank in Civil Services Examination 2015 Surbendu got Indian Revenue Service (IRS) that was his second preference after IAS and he is relaxed with the outcome.

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019

Civil Services Examination: Take advantage of Peer Group to evaluate your performance

On Tuesday 5th July 2016  

When we create a list of the most useful technique for effective learning and improving memory ‘Group Study’ is an effective tool to prepare for Civil Services Examination.

Last Update Wednesday 4th April 2018

Making study-group is not difficult; look around for high calibre, talented candidates

On Tuesday 24th March 2015  

Having a group of good friends has always been a boon for candidates preparing for Civil Service Examination.

In uncertain times, when there is confusion around, if you are able to find a group of candidates seriously preparing for coming examination, it will stumble on resolutions, help you sticking to study-plan and will keep you motivated.

Last Update Thursday 7th July 2016

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