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‘Once upon an IAS Exam’ – Book Review

On Saturday 10th November 2018  

Dreaming Success in IAS Exam, with it you would be able to see things from a much clearer perspective

Dr. K. Vijayakarthikeyan, IAS, at present Commissioner, Coimbatore Municipal Corporation has narrated a story revolving around life of a common IAS Exam aspirant in recently launched book ‘Once Upon an IAS Exam’.

This work of fiction portrays things so effectively that it seems real and each frame reflects day-to-day life of an IAS Aspirant.

Last Update Sunday 11th November 2018

It is an advantage to attend mock interviews and interview sessions at coaching institutes

On Thursday 19th March 2015  

If you are able to reach right place, fine; otherwise many a times you are given such advice that you may lose your originality and express yourself in copy-cat manner when you appear in Interview.

Last Update Thursday 25th February 2016

Can we have a single source with which General Studies preparation can be done?

On Saturday 18th January 2014  

When candidates commence preparation, the first question that strikes their mind is about the books and study-material and the search begins for a single source for preparation that can serve the purpose.

Last Update Tuesday 5th July 2016

प्रारम्भिक परीक्षा स्तर पर कोचिंग संस्थानों से मार्गदर्शन कितना प्रभावी है ? (Is guidance from coaching institutes must at the Prelims level?)

On Friday 3rd January 2014  प्रारंभिक परीक्षा के नये पैटर्न के बारे में भ्रम बस खत्म ही हुआ था कि जल्द ही उम्मीदवार कुछ कोचिंग संस्थानों के प्रारंभिक परीक्षा संबंधित डेटा में कुछ बाजीगरी से घिरे हैं जिसमें प्रारंभिक परीक्षा परिणाम में विशेष रूप से प्रश्न-पत्र द्वितीय (एप्टीट्यूड टेस्ट) में कोचिंग के प्रभाव को प्रदर्शित किया जा रहा है.
Last Update Monday 13th January 2014

Is guidance from coaching institutes must at the Prelims level? (Is guidance from coaching institutes must at the Prelims level?)

On Friday 27th December 2013  The confusion about the changed Preliminary Examination pattern just got over; but soon, the aspirants are surrounded by some jugglery in Preliminary examination related data from some coaching institutes displaying the impact of coaching in Prelims results particularly in Paper II (Aptitude Test).
Last Update Tuesday 14th January 2014

New coaching entities: Assimilation of teachers is the new name of the game (Is guidance from coaching institutes must at the Prelims level?)

On Saturday 14th December 2013  Civil Services Examination is passing through a transition phase and as the potential gets higher, many new entities are emerging with ‘GS’ (General Studies) in focus. This is adding choice for the aspirants and promise to offer impeccable solution to the evolving requirements of the candidates.
Last Update Monday 13th January 2014

Preliminary Examination 2013 – search for the cut-off continues? (Is guidance from coaching institutes must at the Prelims level?)

On Thursday 30th May 2013  Search for cut-off continues as candidates are eager to know how much score is enough to crack the Preliminary Examination 2013. You should keep in mind that Civil Services Examination preparation is full of uncertainties and instead of wasting time on calculating expected scores and cut-off, continue your preparation that requires greater attention this time as the pattern for Main Examination has just been transformed.
Last Update Thursday 30th May 2013

Role of coaching institute in General Studies preparation (Is guidance from coaching institutes must at the Prelims level?)

On Sunday 24th March 2013  A glance at the successful candidates’ recent performance presents a very dull picture and marks secured in General Studies illustrates a truly ordinary performance. These trends raise a serious question “are the coaching institutes playing any role in General Studies preparation?”
Last Update Monday 9th December 2013

In new environment, which is the best optional subject? (Is guidance from coaching institutes must at the Prelims level?)

On Thursday 7th March 2013  The new pattern for Civil Services (Main) Examination 2013 has only one optional subject now. This is going to spark a new debate as a lot of popular optional subjects would be promoted as the best choice in new environment.
Last Update Thursday 7th March 2013

Getting the basics right for IAS 2013 (Is guidance from coaching institutes must at the Prelims level?)

On Wednesday 3rd October 2012  A look at syllabus, past years’ papers and after discussion with other candidates who have appeared earlier, you will realize you have a task in hand which requires you to manage time with proper planning.
Last Update Wednesday 3rd October 2012

How to select the best coaching institute for General Studies? (Is guidance from coaching institutes must at the Prelims level?)

On Sunday 19th August 2012  You can consider any reputed coaching institute rendering coaching for General Studies provided you get to know that they actually work to raise your level of performance.
Last Update Sunday 19th August 2012

Coaching institutes for Geography, Optional Subject for Civil Service (Main) Examination in Delhi (Is guidance from coaching institutes must at the Prelims level?)

On Monday 13th August 2012  For long, we were flooded to list out some of the leading coaching institutes imparting pertinent assistance to aspirants for Civil Services Examination. We have made an attempt to short-list major players rendering coaching for optional subject Geography.
Last Update Monday 13th August 2012

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