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Even if you are from small town or from a middle class family, you can succeed; says Srushti Jayant Deshmukh (AIR 5; CSE 2018)

On Saturday 14th September 2019  

Coming from Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), preparing there with a coaching institute (KSG) and her family to encourage; success of Srushti Jayant Deshmukh sends a clear message that you don’t need extra-ordinary background to succeed.

Here she candidly talks about her preparation strategies, challenges she faced and how she overcome those hurdles.

Last Update Wednesday 4th December 2019

‘Once upon an IAS Exam’ – Book Review

On Saturday 10th November 2018  

Dreaming Success in IAS Exam, with it you would be able to see things from a much clearer perspective

Dr. K. Vijayakarthikeyan, IAS, at present Commissioner, Coimbatore Municipal Corporation has narrated a story revolving around life of a common IAS Exam aspirant in recently launched book ‘Once Upon an IAS Exam’.

This work of fiction portrays things so effectively that it seems real and each frame reflects day-to-day life of an IAS Aspirant.

Last Update Sunday 11th November 2018

Should one go for General Studies study-material from Coaching Institutes?

On Friday 5th October 2018  

Many aspirants who don’t join coaching institutes regular classes for an effectivee Civil Services Examination preparation due to several reasons, think of buying correspondence courses from coaching institutes of repute with a view that the quality of material is trusted and would be helpful in an effective preparation.

But, the fact is that you buy the study-material at least one-year before the examination so that you can prepare; but, by the time you face examination, most of the information covered is stale.

Last Update Sunday 29th March 2020

Always be honest with yourself, it do wonders to your life; says Manoranjan Behera (CSE 2017 Achiever)

On Wednesday 15th August 2018  

Manoranjan Behera, B.Tech. (Electronics & Instrumentations) from NIT, Raurkela has been making attempt consistently and finally, achieved success with Civil Services Examination 2017.

It was his fifth attempt and he had chosen Sociology as Optional Subject.

Last Update Monday 15th July 2019

Honoring ‘Success’ that inspires successes – CSE 2017 Achievers felicitated

On Sunday 12th August 2018  

Success in Civil Services Examination is a massive triumph and accomplishment makes the toppers a role model for the future aspirants who dream to become IAS.

Their success brings fresh life to many young dreams that make great efforts for making career in ‘Civil Services’.

By honoring ‘Success’ that inspires successes, a clear message is sent to future aspirants to perform in civil Services Examination and embrace success.

Last Update Sunday 12th August 2018

Sometimes you need little help to clear suspicion about success in Civil Services Examination

On Saturday 18th March 2017  

Everyone talks about setting career dreams early in life and making efforts to realize these.

But, usually as it happen, in the beginning or may be in the midst of preparation, many candidates surround themselves with some doubts about success. To overcome such situations, one need little help to clear suspicion about success. 

For budding Civil Services Examination aspirant, to make their endeavor meaningful, some useful insights came from Tina Dabi (AIR 1; CSE 2015) who acknowledged that her mother charted her success path and helped her undertake few steps that made her capable to realize her dreams.

Last Update Saturday 18th March 2017

3 Questions aspirants should ask before serious Civil Services Exam Preparation

On Sunday 12th February 2017  

A lot of candidates make promise with themselves to crack the prestigious Civil Services Examination, and they begin foray in to it with a view to emerge successful in this attempt.

You among many such candidates waiting for this opportunity, would be indulged in serious preparation.

Among many factors that influence the outcome, I have listed 3 questions an aspirant need to answer before commencement of Preparation-Plan.

Last Update Saturday 28th March 2020

“Self-believe and a positive frame of mind towards success keeps you glued to the purpose” says Neha Meena, (IAS, CSE 2015)

On Sunday 31st July 2016  

Immediately after completing engineering degree in 2014 from NSIT, Delhi Neha Meena appeared in Civil Services Examination 2015 and emerged victorious in very first attempt.

She has qualified for coveted Indian Administrative Service (IAS).

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019

“When I started Civil Services Examination preparation, I couldn’t see the future; but, I gave it all that I have” says 46th rank Saurabh Gaharwar

On Tuesday 19th July 2016  

While lots of talented youth find excuse of working, being married and other obligations to cover their inability to set Goals; a few achievers set an example for others to follow.

Saurabh Gaharwar, pursuing senior residency at AIIMS has secured 46th rank in Civil Services Examination 2015 and accomplished the task in his first attempt itself.

Last Update Thursday 18th July 2019

Optional Subject has got power to make or break your Dreams; says Misha Singh (AIR 64; CSE 2015)

On Sunday 17th July 2016  

Misha Singh, a Law graduate from National Law University, Lucknow and an ardent fan of RBI Governor, Raghuram Rajan has cracked Civil Services Examination 2015 in her third attempt and has secured 64th rank.

She had kept faith in her own subject - Law that she picked as optional subject.

Last Update Thursday 18th July 2019

Pursuit of a Goal should have a reason strong enough to keep you motivated throughout the journey, says Surbendu Thakur (AIR 247; CSE 2015)

On Friday 15th July 2016  

When we talk of career opportunities, we aim the top most service and make choices as per aptitude and interests. For Surbendu Thakur it was an aim to make career in Group ‘A’ services and at last, he achieved it in his fourth attempt.

With 247th Rank in Civil Services Examination 2015 Surbendu got Indian Revenue Service (IRS) that was his second preference after IAS and he is relaxed with the outcome.

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019

Beginners are susceptible to traps; but, being vigil, you can bring back your preparation on track; says Saloni Rai (AIR 22; CSE 2015)

On Sunday 10th July 2016  

Saloni Rai, a commerce graduate had a short stint with the corporate world; but, soon realized the importance of ‘Civil Services’ that offers such a diversity in the scope of work.

Her foray in to Civil Services Examination started with 2013 exam and she cleared all the three continuous attempts she took; while initial two attempt got her ranks lower in the merit-list, this third attempt accomplished her task and she got 22nd rank in Civil Services Examination 2015.

Last Update Thursday 18th July 2019

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