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Minimum Qualifying Marks CSE 2018 and Cut-Off Marks Analysis CSE 2015-18

On Wednesday 10th April 2019  

While formulating preparation strategies, candidates look for a vital information about the minimum qualifying marks required by candidates in previous examinations.

Cut-off marks released by UPSC after completion of Civil Services Examination 2018 give a rough idea about the current trends at various stages of the examination.

Before commencing preparation for Civil Services Examination, majority of candidates keeps an eye on Cut-off for current as well as previous years that helps them understand the level they need to cross to stay afloat.

Last Update Saturday 8th June 2019

Civil Services Exam favours Humanities background candidates but Science background candidate’s success-rate is higher, why?

On Sunday 22nd April 2018  

Science, Medical or Engineering background candidates although have very good success-rate but, majority of them achieve success by picking Humanities subjects as optional.

Last Update Wednesday 14th August 2019

CS Main Examination result: Diverse Outcome; Different Goals

On Wednesday 7th March 2018  

Civil Services Examination is not a small competition and success and failure a part of it; still chances of success are low whereas majority of candidates face an outcome that is undesirable. Only a few hundred out of lakhs of candidates are able to reach the last stage of examination -Interview.

For those, who are not able to find their names in the list of candidates called for interview, it is a new beginning.

Last Update Monday 2nd April 2018

Civil Services Examination 2016 Result Declared

On Wednesday 31st May 2017  

Final result for Civil Services Examination 2016 has been declared on 31st May 2017. Total 1099 candidates have been recomended for appointment to IAS, IFS, IPS and various Central Services Group A & Group B

Last Update Wednesday 31st May 2017

Civil Services (Main) Examination 2016 Result Declared; Interviews to commence from March 20, 2017

On Wednesday 22nd February 2017  

The result of the Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2016 held by the Union Public Service Commission from 3rd to 9th December, 2016 has been declared on February 21, 2017.

Last Update Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Preparation Strategies for Civil Services Examination that reflect the trends

On Saturday 9th July 2016  

Civil Services Examination preparation is difficult and candidates are keen to know what worked for the successful candidates in the recent examination.

As I keep talking to some of the top rankers and successful candidates in Civil Services Examination, I have gathered some useful information that can be of some help to you.

Last Update Monday 9th July 2018

Blow to fortunes of Hindi Medium Candidates in Civil Services Examination 2011

On Wednesday 6th February 2013  Performance of Candidates with Hindi Medium was bad in Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2010 but, it has turned worse in Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2011 and the figures extracted from latest UPSC Annual Reports clearly reflect inadequate representation of Candidates with Hindi Medium in Civil Services (Main) Examination 2011.
Last Update Monday 20th January 2014

Civil Services Examination: Improved performance by Women candidates

On Tuesday 15th January 2013  

In Civil Services Examination, the performance of women candidates is showing gradual improvement and their share in successes is depicting encouraging trends. To encourage women participation in the Civil Services Examination, UPSC has waived off the Fee for Application form.

Last Update Wednesday 11th February 2015

Civil Services Examination: Candidates have scant knowledge of the broader environment

On Monday 14th January 2013  

Civil Services Examination is a giant Examination as people call it. But, many candidates do not consider the details and surround themselves with a lot of apprehensions. Many of the talented candidates just give up at looking huge number of aspirants and bleak chances of success.

Last Update Wednesday 11th February 2015

CSE 2011 result: A glance at the optional subject trends

On Thursday 19th July 2012  

Civil Services examination has some standard and requires systematic and focused approach for an effective preparation. You are standing at the threshold of a new stage of life trying to find out the right direction and the right information on preparation.

Last Update Wednesday 18th March 2015

Result Analysis CSE 2011: Public Administration is the most popular optional subject

On Tuesday 5th June 2012  Although success-rate may not be that strong comparing last 2-3 years; still, the fascination for Public Administration as optional subject is persisting and it has again generated maximum number of success in Civil Services Examination 2011.
Last Update Tuesday 5th June 2012

Can we say result of Hindi Medium candidates is not good?

On Saturday 26th May 2012  The Hindi medium result in Civil Services Examination 2011 is not that encouraging; at least looking at top 100 successful candidates list. Is it indicative of any future trend?
Last Update Saturday 26th May 2012

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