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CSE 2011 result: A glance at the optional subject trends

On Thursday 19th July 2012  

Civil Services examination has some standard and requires systematic and focused approach for an effective preparation. You are standing at the threshold of a new stage of life trying to find out the right direction and the right information on preparation.

Last Update Wednesday 18th March 2015

Combination of Optional Subjects that delivers in Main Examination

On Sunday 6th May 2012  Idea and insight about the examination works wonders in Civil Services Examination and candidates look at the optional subjects of the IAS toppers for inspiration that sometimes becomes the basis of their choice.
Last Update Sunday 6th May 2012

Candidates with humanities background

On Sunday 15th April 2012  As most of the humanities subjects like History, Geography, Sociology, Political Science & International relation, Public Administration are among the most popular optional subjects, the candidate's first consideration is always their own subjects.
Last Update Sunday 15th April 2012

Public Administration v/s Political Science & International Relations

On Sunday 12th February 2012  Many a times, candidates are in dilemma which subject to pick when it comes to pick one among these two. No doubt, pendulum is in favour of Public Administration; still, Political Science & International Relations is not a subject which can be written off easily.
Last Update Friday 28th March 2014

Public Administration: Paper I; Civil Services (Main) Examination 2011

On Wednesday 1st February 2012  Courtesy: UPSC Official Website
Last Update Wednesday 1st February 2012

Public Administration: Paper II; Civil Services (Main) Examination 2011

On Wednesday 1st February 2012  Courtesy: UPSC Official Website
Last Update Wednesday 1st February 2012

CSE 2010: Preference of Optional Subjects in English Medium

On Thursday 26th January 2012  The list of optional subjects available in Civil Services Examination includes a host of subjects to choose from humanities, science and specialized professional studies. Preference of candidates who appeared with English Medium in Civil Services (Main) Examination 2010 is analyzed here.
Last Update Thursday 26th January 2012

CSE 2009: Performance of the most popular optional subjects

On Thursday 26th January 2012  

To plan the strategy for Civil Services Examination, candidates look for information and details regarding the examination. To help you plan better, we bring the latest facts relating to Civil Services Examination from the 61st Annual Report of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) which relates to the Civil Services examination details held during year 2010-11.

Last Update Wednesday 11th February 2015

Candidates with Law background

On Wednesday 28th December 2011  
Last Update Wednesday 28th December 2011


On Tuesday 27th December 2011  Suggested Book-List for Civil Services (Main) Examination: PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION
Last Update Tuesday 27th December 2011

Add new dimensions to your preparations

On Friday 23rd December 2011  Once you prepare yourself in a nice way, you will have all the time before examination to do some intelligent guesswork and reap the benefit.
Last Update Friday 23rd December 2011

Which subjects are mostly liked by the candidates in civil services examination and why?

On Wednesday 7th December 2011  Off late, Public Administration and Geography have emerged as the most liked optional subjects. And if CSE 2010 result is an indication, Public Administration and Geography have proven their dominance and have helped many candidates in their success.
Last Update Wednesday 7th December 2011

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