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Planning, Hard Work and Consistency helped Ankita Choudhary secure 14th Rank in Civil Services Exam 2018

On Tuesday 9th July 2019  

Ankita Choudhary, from Meham, Rohtak (Haryana) has achieved a splendid success in Civil Services Examination 2018 and secured 14th rank.

It was her second attempt and she had chosen Public Administration as optional subject.

Last Update Friday 19th July 2019

“The importance of Patience, an Attitude of not giving up and Consistent Hard Work help in Accomplishing the Goal”, says Abhijeet Sinha (AIR 19; CSE 2017)

On Sunday 30th December 2018  

For Abhijeet Sinha, an Electrical Engineer from IIT Kanpur, first attempt in CSE 2016 had not gone well. Still, he wished and hoped to see at least his name in the merit-list. Not to find his name was a heart- wrenching experience, perhaps because it was the 1st major failure of his life.

But, he did not drown himself in the misery; rather, picked up and set to discover the weaknesses and tackle them head on. Equally importantly, he realised that there is no substitute to Hard Work, a factor that was missing in first attempt.

This way his failure became the foundation of success in his second attempt as he secured 19th Rank in Civil Services Examination 2017.

Abhijeet has chosen Economics as his Optional Subject.

Last Update Sunday 30th December 2018

Interview Transcript - Saurabh Jassal, IAS (Civil Services Examination 2017)

On Sunday 30th December 2018  

Saurabh Jassal (404th Rank, CSE 2017),acomputer engineer from NSIT New Delhi had picked up Law as optional subject.

His Interview was on 3rd April 2nd half of the day. His Interview Board was that of Sujata Mehta Ma’am.

Interview went good, and most of the questions were on expected lines, it lasted for nearly 27 minutes.

Last Update Sunday 28th April 2019

“To deal with unpredictability, first thing is to accept it and prepare mentally for it”; says Vishal Mishra (AIR 49; CSE 2017)

On Saturday 21st July 2018  

Vishal Mishra (AIR 49; CSE 2017) discloses his success-plan and how small-small thing matters while preparing for Civil Services Examination.

He candidly talks about the situations most of the candidates face during preparation phase that lead to drop in efficiency and suggests some ways out to come out of such circumstances.

Optional Subject- Sociology

No. of Attempts- Three (3)

Last Update Sunday 16th September 2018

“Master all the topics of the syllabus by in-depth understanding of the concepts involved” says Prateek Jain (AIR 86; CSE 2017)

On Saturday 21st July 2018  

Prateek Jain outlines his preparation strategy that helped him succeed in Civil Services Examination 2017. He also talks about the factors that helped him get in top 100.

Optional Subject: Mathematics

No. of Attempts: 2

Previous Selections: IFoS 2016 - AIR 3

Last Update Sunday 16th September 2018

“Right study-resources and right preparation-strategy is needed to crack Civil Services Exam”; says Pushp Lata (AIR 80; CSE 2017)

On Saturday 21st July 2018  

Pushp Lata did schooling from Rewari and Mahendergarh, Haryana; and graduated (B.Sc.) from Guru Nanak Dev University in 2006. She did post-graduation in Zoology from Kurukshetra University and completed MBA in Finance & Marketing from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi.

She worked with State Bank of Hyderabad as Assistant Manager at Hyderabad.

Here she talks about her preparation strategies that helped her accomplish her goal.

Optional Subject: Geography

Number of Attempts: Three (3)

Last Update Saturday 21st July 2018

“If you are honest with your preparation and have practiced test papers, you will definitely clear all the stages”; says Ravi Anand (AIR 79; CSE 2017)

On Saturday 21st July 2018  

Significance of being well prepared comes on fore with the result of Ravi Anand (AIR 79; CSE 2017).

If he scored brilliantly in General Studies to fetch 500+ score that helped him in getting rank among top 100; his performance in Personality Test was not up to the mark and that adversely impacted his chances of getting even better rank.

Here, he shares his experiences and suggests some ways out to perform well.

Optional Subject: Geography

No. of Attempts: Three (3)

Last Update Friday 26th October 2018

People, who clear this Exam, do it due to their Unwavering Commitment and Relentless Hard Work; says Anupama Anjali (AIR 386; CSE 2017)

On Wednesday 18th July 2018  

Anupama Anjali (AIR 386; CSE 2017) talks about her preparation strategy in detail and how to handle preparation for it effectively. Get some insights about the steps you need to take while facing huge syllabus with a bit of planning.

Optional Subject - Anthropology 

No. of Attempts – Two (2)

Last Update Wednesday 18th July 2018

The great secret to success in civil services Exam is that there are no secrets of success; says Gaurav Kumar (AIR 34 CSE 2017)

On Wednesday 18th July 2018  

Civil Services Examination preparation is an exam that tests our inner strength. Gaurav Kumar (AIR 34 CSE 2017) shares his experiences and strategies to handle preparation effectively.

Optional Subject: Sociology

Number of Attempts: Four (4)

Last Update Wednesday 18th July 2018

Questions asked during Interview - Anupama Anjali (AIR 386; CSE 2017)

On Tuesday 17th July 2018  

Anupama Anjali (AIR  386; CSE 2017)

I was interviewed by Mr. Arvind Saxena Board

Morning slot, third to enter, 35–40 mins.

Last Update Tuesday 17th July 2018


On Wednesday 27th July 2016  

Civil Services Examination 2015: Personality Test (Interview)

Last Update Friday 29th July 2016

Civil Services Examination: What is the Secrets of Success

On Sunday 24th April 2011  For each candidate, the most important thing to start preparation is to look for a strategy that helps in performance and desired success in Civil Services Examination. Following are few points which can help you in formulating a strategy and tips that will be useful all through-out you prearation.
Last Update Sunday 24th April 2011

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