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7 Factors why you should Approach Civil Services Examination with Full Conviction

On Sunday 24th November 2019  

In the beginning it is absolutely essential for you to be acquainted with the fact that this is no ordinary examination. 

For an effective preparation you need to understand what the examiner’s expectations are and you have to reach the level it necessitates.

Success in Civil Services Examination remains an illusion until you actually succeed. From imagination to converting it a reality is a long journey that involves initiating preparation with a proper strategy, executing plans with hard work and diligence; maintaining consistency until you reach the destination.

Last Update Saturday 30th November 2019

Civil Services Examination Preparation: Be Organized To Face A Major Life Event

On Tuesday 14th May 2019  

You are standing at the threshold of a new stage of life trying to find out the right direction and the right information on career-choices present in front of you.

You have freedom to make decision among a wide range of career options available and when you are taking one of the most important decisions you have made in life by choose ‘Civil Services’ as the final career destination, you are making your mind up for something big.

Last Update Friday 6th December 2019

Civil Services Examination - Plan of Examination

On Sunday 17th February 2019  

The notification for Civil Services Examination outlines the plan of examination for Preliminary as well as Main Examination.

It would be prudent if you understand the UPSC's intent and accordingly prepare effectively looking at the coming exam-plan.

Last Update Friday 31st May 2019

Success in Civil Services Exam: The creative and innovative approach by UPSC requires you to think creatively

On Saturday 24th November 2018  

UPSC has spelled out the Exam-Plan for Civil Services Examination that illustrates things stage-wise and accordingly, syllabus is defined separately for Preliminary and Main Examination.

Methods of evaluation at each stage are different and candidates have to look out for strategies that put them on road to success. 

You have to find solutions to cover the complete syllabus effectively.

Last Update Saturday 24th November 2018

‘Once upon an IAS Exam’ – Book Review

On Saturday 10th November 2018  

Dreaming Success in IAS Exam, with it you would be able to see things from a much clearer perspective

Dr. K. Vijayakarthikeyan, IAS, at present Commissioner, Coimbatore Municipal Corporation has narrated a story revolving around life of a common IAS Exam aspirant in recently launched book ‘Once Upon an IAS Exam’.

This work of fiction portrays things so effectively that it seems real and each frame reflects day-to-day life of an IAS Aspirant.

Last Update Sunday 11th November 2018

“I used internet to understand the nuances of this exam, its requirements and intricacies involved” says Sudhir Kumar (AIR 42; CSE 2017)

On Tuesday 24th July 2018  

Sudhir Kumar, a simple science graduate from Delhi University took it up as challenge to crack Civil Services Examination and with full dedication, determination and focus achieved this brilliant success.

With self-prepared strategies Sudhir moved forward slowly but steadily and with his second attempt in civil Services Examination 2017 grabbed AIR 42.

Sudhir kept Sociology as optional subject.

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019

I follow a simple formula which says, Delete all that Distracts you; says Naveen Kumar Chandra (AIR 490; CSE 2017)

On Tuesday 10th July 2018  

To accomplish his goal, Naveen Kumar Chandra has shown sense of responsibility and complete dedication towards the purpose and availed the opportunity he got.

It was his second attempt that produced desired results; even in earlier attempt also he got selected and got IRPS.

Naveen had shown faith in Political Science & International Relations by picking it as optional subject.

Last Update Tuesday 10th July 2018

At what stage, should one start preparing seriously about Civil Services Examination?

On Sunday 22nd April 2018  

When one commence Civil Services Examination preparation, the first question comes to mind is that is it the right time to prepare or should I gain some more knowledge then decide about foray in to it.

Last Update Sunday 20th May 2018

Target IAS 2020: Make sure that your preparation is going in the right direction

On Saturday 31st March 2018  

So, you are interested in career in ‘Civil Services’ and are appearing in Civil Services Examination this year or planning to take a plunge in coming years.

No doubt, the Goal you have set for yourself is real and each year hundreds of capable candidates accomplish the goal. For each candidate the ultimate aim is a positive result and for that confidence and commitment plays a vital role.

Last Update Sunday 14th July 2019

Getting selected in Civil Services Examination doesn't mean that the selected ones are definitely better than the rest

On Saturday 25th March 2017  

Shailesh Kumar (AIR 41; CSE 2015) shares his views about Civil Services Examination and keeping in mind unpredictable nature of this examination, he throws some light on an important issue - how one should prepare?

Last Update Saturday 25th March 2017

Notification for Civil Services Examination 2017 out; last date to apply is March 17, 2017

On Wednesday 22nd February 2017  

Notification for Civil Services Examination 2017 conducted every year by UPSC is released on February 22, 2017.

Approx. 980 vacancies for various Services and Posts are to be filled with this examination.

Last Update Wednesday 22nd February 2017

3 Questions aspirants should ask before serious Civil Services Exam Preparation

On Sunday 12th February 2017  

A lot of candidates make promise with themselves to crack the prestigious Civil Services Examination, and they begin foray in to it with a view to emerge successful in this attempt.

You among many such candidates waiting for this opportunity, would be indulged in serious preparation.

Among many factors that influence the outcome, I have listed 3 questions an aspirant need to answer before commencement of Preparation-Plan.

Last Update Sunday 9th December 2018

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