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Career in Civil Services: Childhood dream deserves serious attempt

On Monday 2nd April 2018  

Career in ‘Civil Services’ is dream for many. Every year many success stories are written by talented, capable aspirants by showing courage and nerve.

When you are looking at something big, you have to plan, work harder and smarter with a strong desire to reach your goal.

Last Update Monday 2nd April 2018

Getting selected in Civil Services Examination doesn't mean that the selected ones are definitely better than the rest

On Saturday 25th March 2017  

Keeping in mind unpredictable nature of this examination, Shailesh Kumar (AIR 41; CSE 2015) shares his views and experiences with Civil Services Examination.

Here, he throws some light on an important issue - how one should prepare to face it confidently?

Last Update Wednesday 8th April 2020

Sometimes you need little help to clear suspicion about success in Civil Services Examination

On Saturday 18th March 2017  

Everyone talks about setting career dreams early in life and making efforts to realize these.

But, usually as it happen, in the beginning or may be in the midst of preparation, many candidates surround themselves with some doubts about success. To overcome such situations, one need little help to clear suspicion about success. 

For budding Civil Services Examination aspirant, to make their endeavor meaningful, some useful insights came from Tina Dabi (AIR 1; CSE 2015) who acknowledged that her mother charted her success path and helped her undertake few steps that made her capable to realize her dreams.

Last Update Thursday 9th April 2020

Civil Service Examination: Unveil The Secret Of Success

On Saturday 3rd December 2016  

For success in Civil Services Examination all you need is to be passionate about success and making diligent efforts to convert your dreams in to reality.

Efforts in right direction, perseverance and focus on the goal are substantial qualities that help you reach the destination.

The best way to achieve success is to formulate an efficient plan that guides you throughout the mission.

Last Update Friday 27th March 2020

“Besides academics, it is a test of one's patience and perseverance” says Rachit Rawat (IFS, CSE 2015)

On Sunday 31st July 2016  

A commerce graduate, Rachit Rawat has cracked Civil Services Examination 2015 and has got a post in Indian Foreign Service (IFS). It was his second attempt.

In earlier attempt also he tasted success and was allocated Indian Postal Service in first attempt.

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019

“Consistency and Patience helped me get through the Civil Services Examination” says Vinit Agarwal (AIR 128; CSE 2015)

On Wednesday 20th July 2016  

A Mechanical Engineer, Vinit Agarwal has cracked Civil Services Examination 2015 in his second attempt and has secured 128th rank in the Merit-List.


Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019

Pursuit of a Goal should have a reason strong enough to keep you motivated throughout the journey, says Surbendu Thakur (AIR 247; CSE 2015)

On Friday 15th July 2016  

When we talk of career opportunities, we aim the top most service and make choices as per aptitude and interests. For Surbendu Thakur it was an aim to make career in Group ‘A’ services and at last, he achieved it in his fourth attempt.

With 247th Rank in Civil Services Examination 2015 Surbendu got Indian Revenue Service (IRS) that was his second preference after IAS and he is relaxed with the outcome.

Last Update Tuesday 16th July 2019

Haritha V Kumar is the new icon; girl from Kerala tops the coveted Civil Services Examination 2012

On Saturday 4th May 2013  Splendid performance from women candidates continue as third year in a row, women candidates have occupied the top slot in Civil Services Examination.
Last Update Saturday 4th May 2013

I appeared in CSE not only to become an IAS, I have a mission, says Nidhi Choudhari (AIR 145, CSE 2011)

On Saturday 5th January 2013  

Hailing from Nagaur, Rajasthan, Nidhi had a childhood dream of becoming IAS officer so that she could contribute a little for betterment of life of girl-child and women in our conservative society particularly in villages.

Last Update Sunday 21st July 2019

“Life was tough but, with dedication and hard work, I achieved what looked fantasy” says, Praveen Kumar Laxkar (IAS)

On Wednesday 26th December 2012  Praveen Kumar Laxkar (AIR 116, CSE 2011), a Hindi medium candidate says, “I had faith in my capabilities and I knew that my knowledge base would never ditch me in Main Examination and the biggest hurdle is Preliminary Examination.” New-look Prelims made his road to success and self-belief helped him achieve success and get the coveted post of IAS.
Last Update Wednesday 26th December 2012

How can a common CSE aspirant benefit from successful candidate’s experiences?

On Thursday 4th October 2012  The CSE exam-plan seems complex spread over two stages Preliminary and Main, but its preparation is not as difficult as many perceive. Sure, you can get useful insights and can be benefited by successful candidate’s experiences.
Last Update Thursday 4th October 2012

When you think about something seriously, it occupies all corners of mind, says Ritesh Kumar Agrawal (AIR 70, CSE 2011)

On Friday 27th July 2012  This is success story of a straightforward youngster who has confidence and strong believes in his capabilities and accomplished the task in style in his last attempt.
Last Update Friday 27th July 2012

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