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hello sir...may i please know the success rate of mathematics as an optional?? also i heard that there are not many institutes which offer good fundas for maths... Also most of the toppers do not select this subject(from surveys).. Why the situation is so?? And how about the time management in case if mathematics is one optional?

Answered   Saturday 18th February 2012  

Mathematics is a known high marks yielding subject; but, in Civil Services Examination, success-rate of Mathematics as optional subject had not been great in recent years.

Performance of candidates appeared in Main Examination with Mathematics as one optional subject 

No. of Candidates Success Rate (Per cent)
Appeared Selected
2008 277 8 2.9
2009 243 14 5.8

The coaching institutes offer coaching for those optional subjects which are popular and opt by a large number of candidates. Mathematics used to be a top performing subject in 90’s but, with change in syllabus, the interest in Mathematics has been waning.

Still, there are a few coaching institutes offering Mathematics coaching.

Have a look at the following link to have a feel about the toppers selected with Mathematics as optional subject.

Candidates with Science background

You need to understand the syllabus clearly and past year’s papers to understand the requirements, level and examiner’s expectations. Once you are clear about the fact that how you have to deal with the subject, time management will not be a problem and you will be able to produce positive outcome.

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