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Answered   Sunday 23rd December 2018  

As we noticed you are really serious about your plans and have started taking small steps towards your dream destination.

There is no need to change the stream as you must have witnessed lots of Engineers are opting for career in Civil Services and are making their presence felt.

Your newspaper reading habit will certainly help you in long run as it keeps you abreast with the latest. Initially, it may not be of your interest so, you are feeling bored; but, gradually, you will realize it as an essential for Civil Services Examination preparation and will start liking it.

Moreover, in the beginning you may not be understanding the concepts and will not be in a position to relate things. Here comes role of NCERT books that makes your basics clear and when you read a particular new piece, you start understanding it and thus, it become a routine.

Please look at the following articles that will give you some insights.

Civil Services Exam favours Humanities background candidates but Science/Engineering background candidate’s success-rate is higher, why?

For a beginner, how to read a Newspaper, which areas to concentrate more? 


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