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Hi sir, I already took coaching before 2 years and my optional is public administration. Some of my friends are guide me to change the optional due to less scoring in public administration. Do you suggest me which one is good?

Answered   Saturday 11th August 2018  

It is all about your preparedness and how strongly you meet the specific requirements that each optional subject needs.

No doubt, Public Administration as an optional subject has not been in flavour and in last few years' it has not delivered good results.

However, many a candidates have performer well and even in recent CSE 2017 results, we have many successes with Public Administration as optional subject. A glance at marksheet of Sanjeev Kumar Maurya (AIR 89) and Ankit Jain (AIR 222) would reveal the significance of his optional subject Public Administration. Both Sanjeev and Ankit scored 300 + marks in Public Administration that can easily be put in decent score category.

When you have prepared it for such a long period and if you feel you can meet the expectations of the examiner, you may continue to keep it as optional subject and try to make it stronger rather than picking up a new subject and starting agian from scratch.

If you are not comfortable with it and wish to look for a change, you may consider Political Science & International Relations or Sociology.

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