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Shambhu Kumar Tiwari
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Dear sir, i have just completed my 12th in arts stream and studying in BA (Geography). I want to prepare for UPSC but i have two doubts. 1. I like Geography, Political Science, but which one will be best in terms of marks, syllabus length for UPSC 2. I am a Hindi medium student but also good in English. Now what medium i should choose for writing as I heard there is lack of good study material in Hindi compare to English.

Answered   Saturday 14th May 2016  

Geography as well as Political Science and International Relations are really good optional subjects.

In Hindi medium where candidates have limited choices due to non-availability of reference books and study material, you have chosen such subjects where there are good books, study material as well as quality guidance is available for both the subjects.

As far as syllabus length is concerned, it doesn’t matter much as you have to be acquainted with both these as Geography as well as Polity are important constituents of General Studies. Moreover, it is matter of interest in the subject; if you like a subject lengthy syllabus will look manageable and if you don’t develop interest in something, it would be really difficult to carry on with it.

Scoring marks depends on your answers and presentation; candidates score good marks in both these subjects.

If you feel comfortable with English, it is fine otherwise; in Hindi Medium also you can justify your decision and can achieve success.

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