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hii sir, 1st of all,a lot of thanx to you for your kind support & guide to candidate like me.you are doing a g8 job. sir my ques is--for general studies,which institute should join between Vajiram and ALS.My medium is Hindi,by the way I DONT HV ANY PROBLEM IN ENGLISH if better quality available in english...bt i'll write in exam in hindi..as i can express myself very well in hindi. abt Vajiram i got very +ve and -ve comments...mostly -ve...their material are considered best,bt one can get that any where.there are many who says they only dictate almost 70-80 %.Personal attention there almost zero.only good thing there is-the students who joined it.i also heard,now most of the faculty there is new. Abt ALS,i got very good comments---their faculty are good,personal attention,etc...etc bt i dont know much abt ALS i go through all ur comments,and got ALS is very good,even sriram too... you also said,join a coaching where personal attention are given. i go through site of Vajiram,and i just hate their admission procedure.i dont want to run behind names,unless there is really something...plz also say,when batches are start in ALS and sriram and their admission procedure.

Answered   Monday 20th August 2012  

Among the shortlisted institutes, ALS is the best choice as they have a separate batch for Hindi medium candidates.

Alternative Learning Systems is known for delivering quality and they don’t have a complicated admission procedure; you can straight way reach Manoj Kumar Singh, Director.

ALS is conducting special free workshop on 22nd at 4 pm, if possible, have the benefit of that to know their approach towards preparation for General Studies.

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