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Civil Services (P) Examination Sample Questions (In Hindi)

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On Monday 10th January 2011

Note: The following question would be in English Language only to test English Language Comprehension.

8. Whenever I had occasion to indulge in these surreptitious feasts, dinner at home was out of question. My mother would naturally ask me to come and take my food and want to know the reason why I did not wish to eat. I would say to her, ‘I have no appetite today; there is something wrong with my digestion.’ It was not without compunction that I devised these pretexts. I knew I was lying, and lying to my mother. l also knew that, if my mother and father came to know of my having become a meat-eater, they would be deeply shocked. This knowledge was gnawing at my heart.

Why did the author devise some pretexts not without compunction?

(a) He wanted to keep away from home some times.
(b) Surreptitious feasts thrilled him.
(c) Dinners outside were better than at home.
(d) He wanted to eat meat.


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