CSAT – a tall order!

Objective type questions are not new to candidates but due to introduction of CSAT, the early reaction of the candidates is indicating that they are feeling stressful to encounter these aptitude tests for the first time as part of a selection process.

On Friday 7th January 2011

Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) is a reality now. Handling objective type tests is an art and if you are able to understand the requirements, you will be able to move towards this confidently.

Objective type questions checks aspirant’s ability to recall facts and figures, verify their skills to evaluate given information or to make sure aspirant’s capacity to apply accumulated knowledge to the given situation.

The question papers are crafted in such intricate manner that assess aspirant’s basic understanding of the given subject and clarity about concepts, evolving issues and even the latest developments is adequate or not.

Objective type papers, based on Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), are prepared scientifically. So, it becomes necessary to understand the answering techniques and the methods needed to answer different kinds of MCQs.

Have the courage to do what must be done, not what you would like to do. Understand the realities and move safely towards the destination.

Last Update Friday 7th January 2011

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