General Studies Syllabus: What is the weightage of each constituent?

On Sunday 11th December 2011  Broadly speaking, you can give more emphasis on constituents like Indian Economy, Polity, Geography and current affairs. From History, national freedom movement and modern history are more in focus as most of the questions asked from this constituent in past few years relate to these areas only.
Last Update Sunday 11th December 2011

CS (Main) General Studies: create a cohesive, informative approach

On Thursday 19th July 2012  General Studies, be it Preliminary or Main Examination, is a compulsory subject and has undergone transformation. With average scores in General Studies going down continually in Main Examination, it has emerged as a big challenge for candidates and has impacted the chances of success for many.
Last Update Thursday 19th July 2012

Main Examination: What has happened to General Studies?

On Friday 22nd June 2012  The optional subjects have a well defined syllabus and some certainty associated with these; whereas, in case of General Studies, it is difficult to lay hand on each and everything which probably is making scoring difficult for the candidates.
Last Update Friday 22nd June 2012

What is the right strategy to prepare General Studies paper?

On Sunday 11th December 2011  The coverage of contemporary issues has made newspaper reading a must. Be it Prelims or Main examination, you can not undermine the value of current events and contemporary developments.
Last Update Sunday 11th December 2011

General Studies: becoming spoil sport for many

On Thursday 14th July 2011  A glance at the past 3 years final results reveals that the average score in General Studies in going down every year. It is really hard to find 300 plus score in General Studies in CSE 2010 result.
Last Update Thursday 14th July 2011

What should be the presentation techniques that satisfy the examiner?

On Thursday 14th July 2011  Candidates with diverse background having dissimilar attitude, different source of study material and above all different thinking and memorizing capabilities are required to converge their knowledge to tackle the General Studies paper effectively.
Last Update Thursday 14th July 2011


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