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     Rank:  21
     Year:  2012
     Exam:  Civil Services Examination
     Roll No.:  464985
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    Marks Obtained

    Total Marks Marks Obtained
    Essay 200 87
    General Studies 600 262 (119 + 119)
    Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science 600 256 (97 + 159)
    Zoology 600 291 (146 + 145)
    Total (Written) 2000 896
    Interview 300 174
    Total 2300 1070 (46.52%)

    Optional Subjects

    Your understanding of the subject, the ease with which you think you can tackle even the weirdest of the question asked and finally the availability of material are the most important factors while making final choice for optional subjects.

    Don’t worry about what bogus propaganda says that this is a high scoring subject and this isn’t, if this has been the case only one subject takers will be in final list always.

    It all depends how well you can write your optional, that’s all.

    Optional Subject 2:  ZOOLOGY

    Veterinary science was my graduation subject and I prepared it during that time itself so I was confident in it.

    For ZOOLOGY good portions of syllabus is overlapping with veterinary science and except two units, rest everything is complementing the veterinary science syllabus.

    So, I think analyzing these two it was a informed decision to take these two as optional.

    I think I was lucky to have guidance of my seniors who was already in services and cracked this exam with flying colours along with all others with whom I was preparing in the group.

    Moreover, there is a lot of information on internet now a day; you just have to find a genuine source (like iaspassion.com and many others)

    When you commence preparation for Civil Services Examination, indeed success stories inspires you. When you get to know about any successful candidates you try to correlate your personality with his/her and when you find that they are no different, automatically you get a high dose surge of self confidence which boosts your performance.

    So, everything is like a chain reaction here.

    But, for me other than all this when my senior Dr Ujjwal kumar got 24th rank with whom I used study at college (in fact used to prepare together; he guided us all this time) made me confident that certainly even I can do it.

    Number of attempts
    FIRST attempt

    Language Medium of writing examination

    Language Medium for Personality Test

    Time Management
    Yes, indeed managing time is really crucial. For me every part of my preparation was along with my course curriculum; so, my timings were well divided.

    I was having a fixed schedule of dealing with things topic wise and I made sure that I should stick with my schedule.

    Secret of success
    Blessings of my parents, Full support and grace of HANUMAN JI; belief of my Brother (Navneet), My family, friends and my teachers.

    In addition to all of them, I think I was lucky to have proper guidance of my seniors (Dr. Ujjwal Kumar and Dr. P Babu) and at the last, the fire which was created by comments of many people on my other failures of life.


    • Coin collection
    • Football is my passion
    • Reading science fictions and factual writings
    • I am a serious addict of Hollywood television series

    The change in Prelims pattern in 2011 has nothing to do with my decision to appear for this exam, but on the contrary it made me more confident that I can do much better in paper 2

    I shifted my focus on Paper 2 as in my personal opinion it is easier to score more in this area with a better efficiency and surety. So, I was heavily relying on it for getting above the desired cutoff.
    General Studies requires a continuous effort, I was focusing more on core subjects like polity, economy history, geography as they gives a greater chance to score marks with surety. But, while comparing both the papers I was biased towards Paper 2.

    ‘Negative Marking’
    First go for the questions, you are sure about. Then, just have a quick estimate how much you are scoring. Check out the one you are doubtful about. See negative marking is a big game changer and the kind of answers UPSC asks you to pick is just adding another difficulty step to clear it.

    Confidence is the only way and don’t be tempted by the fact to score more marks always remember it’s just a qualifying exam and your aim is to qualify - that's all.

    Nothing much actually changed for Main Examination; I just focused a bit more on General Studies and revised my optional subjects.

    I was maintaining a universal applicable kind of notebook where in I used to make note of things which can be used anywhere in any answer with slight modifications.

    I was just following THE HINDU and made points out of it to use as a readymade fodder in essay writing.

    The topic I picked up was the one about “Is the criticism that the ‘Public-Private-Partnership’ (PPP) model for development is more of a bane than a boon in the Indian context, justified?”

    The issue was in news for a very long time, I was having a good amount of information about the way PPP works, lot of examples and finally the theme was to stand for or against the PPP model I used to believe In the model; so, I was confident I can justify my stand and I decided to write upon it.


    I started working on my profile long back, but when interview date was scheduled I just revised everything.

    I was one lucky person to have my friends (Surendra, Sac, Swati, Indu) and brother (Navneet) who bombarded me with so many diverse questions and  analyzed  my performance to the best of their abilities and gave me  a realistic review of my performance. I show my gratitude to all of them.

    Later, one week before my interview I do attended many mock interviews. they helped me polish some of my issues, especially at Samkalp.

    My interview was on 11th march 2013, and I was interviewed by Mr. Reddy sir’s board. 37 min 44 sec (from the time I removed my wrist watch to the time I got it back.) main interview must be somewhere 25-27 minutes.

    I was tensed as I was the first guy for the interview.

    Interview Questions

    Here are most of the questions I faced during my interview (the best I remember)

    Asked about my school? Then why I want to quit the noblest profession of a vet to come into busy and pressurized civil services

    Why veterinary universities got separated from agricultural universities? Was it right?

    First member
    Why you football? Why football is not so developed in INDIA? Why cricket has so much money?
    If given authority I’m sure you will give all the money to football? When I said no-he asked than how you will proceed?
    Recent initiatives to develop football?

    Second member
    Since you are from UP, lets talks about your neighbor NEPAL.
    What’s going on there? What is INDIA’s stand on all this? Is it right if not what should be done?

    Third member
    What are the issues INDIA facing in health sector? At ground what is the most important problem doctors and veterinarians facing in the field?
    Different routes of infection? Then, a long and jovial discussion on it. Where on one of my answer everybody laughed.
    What is maternal mortality, infant mortality and our social and health indicators?

    Fourth member
    Why is Firozabad (my district) famous?
    Than law and order problem here and the child labour issue in glass industry.
    What is MSME? Even after government is spending so much on it why we are not getting desired results?
    Difference between CHINA MSME & INDIA MSME model; why china is doing better than us?
    Why we are not having much of value added meat products even after being a livestock rich country?

    Third  member (again)
    What is important sanitation or hygiene? Drainage channels will fall in to what category?
    Important diseases transmitted by oral route?

    Finally chairman asked:
    Dr. Raj, I personally think doctors are not good administrators. When I said no sir I don’t agree with it, he asked me to prove him wrong by citing some example.

    Finally he asked if you are not selected what will you do?

    And at last, thank you RAJ good luck and good day


    Believe in yourself. ”when I can do it, others can do it, then for sure even you can do it”.

    Believe in GOD he always reward the hard work so stay focused and prepare hard and smart.


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