Hard Work, Dedication coupled with a Smart Strategy worked for me; says Abhishek Jain (AIR 111; CSE 2018)

If one has to sum up the success of Abhishek Jain, it can be done in one word – Grit.

By showing courage to appear in Civil Services Examination after finishing graduation and accomplishing the goal in first attempt is not a small feat.

In doing so, Abhishek showed his faith in his own subject by picking Commerce & Accountancy as his Optional Subject.


Success in Civil Services Examination in first attempt is a big accomplishment. Big success in first attempt in such a demanding set-up is really remarkable.

It is all about ‘Thinking Big’ and maybe such candidates are able to awaken the huge potential within.

A commerce graduate from Hansraj College, Delhi University Abhishek Jain set a big goal for himself and achieved brilliant success in Civil services Examination 2018 by securing 111th rank in his first attempt itself.Abhishek Jain-AIR-111-CSE 2018-Commerce & Accoutancy

Putting in the picture the beginner’s mindset Abhishek said, “Foray in to Civil Services Examination was an intrinsic choice and after completing my graduation I felt productive and had inner confidence that I am at my very best.”

Why career in Civil Service?

Revealing the reasons for inclination toward his career-choice, Abhishek said, “The diverse scope and the huge scale at which a civil servant gets to work are unparallel. The satisfaction that I would get by contributing towards India’s growth story kept me motivated throughout my journey.”

“Another reason was my grandfather is a retired government officer. He has worked with several Civil Servants during his career and used to tell me how they took several important decisions concerning the welfare of the people. These stories developed in me a strong desire to become a Civil Servant” he added.

The right advice on Preparation-Plan

During my college days, I had read lots and lots of topper articles and watched their videos on YouTube. That helped me formulate my strategy and bust several myths regarding Civil Services Examination.

But mind you, one should not follow the entire topper’s advice blindly.

Everyone is unique and therefore there are bound to be at least some differences in each one’s strategy. Thus, select the advice which suits your own study style, develop a strategy and follow it religiously.

The importance of Time Management

Exhibiting some important skills and traits that matters, Abhishek believed that the value of any achievement is basically determined by what we constantly invest our time in.

Sharing his success-secrets Abhishek said, “Someone has rightly said Time is what we want most; but, what we use worst’.The importance of time management cannot be stressed enough. Thus I made a timetable in which I devoted time to both study & leisure and then followed it rigorously. Apart from it I had listed out date-wise targets for myself which I tried to complete at any cost.”

My family & their contribution

My parents and my brother have always stood by during my ups and downs and have kept me motivated. I consider that played a pivotal role in building a positive attitude in me.

I believe that my family deserves the most credit for my success.Abhishek Jain-AIR-111-CSE 2018-Commerce & Accountancy

Secret of Success:

Self belief and determination – these are the secrets to my success

Credit for Success:

I believe my family and teachers deserve the most credit for always keeping me inspired.

Advice to future aspirants

UPSC is a long and arduous exam. There are bound to be good and a bad phase during this process; but, the need is to enjoy this journey and learn from your mistakes at each step.

Success is a journey not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome”.

Though, hard work and dedication have no substitutes; but, by complementing them with a smart strategy that is aligned with demands of the exam, is the best way forward.

In the end, UPSC is another exam after all; it is not the end of the world. Thus, it should be treated in such a way so as to avoid undue stress that negatively affects your performance.

You have chosen to take the leap forward and write this exam; so, you are already a winner!

I wish you best of luck and assure you that it will all be worth it!


Last Update Sunday 22nd March 2020     

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