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IAS Personality Test: Will Interview Board grill me? What all they look for?

The anxiety among those who are to appear first time in front of Interview Board can be understood, but, even some candidates who have faced interview earlier also show unease.

Moreover, many candidates look at the buzz around different interview boards and complicate things for themselves by thinking too much about it.

The Interview board has clear cut objective and they arethere to evaluate your range and limits.

After such a strenuous effort as one gets opportunity to extend the reach towards the last stage and gets ready to take part in interview, there is a ray of hope and excitement of reaching very near to the destination.

At this stage things are delicately poised for candidates; one should take full advantage of the chance that comes their way and offer scope to fulfil the dream.

But, instead of preparing themselves for facing the interview board, some of the candidates get disorganized and search for some sort of help that can help them score high marks.

Many a times I see many candidates roaming around placed to get some clue about grooming personality that can impress the Interview Board.

The anxiety among those who are to appear first time in front of Interview Board can be understood, but, even some candidates who have faced interview earlier also show unease.ias-interview-personality-test
If it is not easy, it is not tough as well. We always talk about attitude and since beginning of your efforts, if you are careful and groom yourself nicely, it is not at all gruelling.

We don’t know what you imagine about Personality Test; but, fact is Interview Boards explores originality and matching personality for the job in question.

In the beginning, their intend is to be acquainted with you better by making you feel comfortable and provide encouraging atmosphere so that they can know you better.

They are looking for your originality of thoughts, interpretation of ideas in a given situation, adaptability and expression when they identify these qualities in a candidate, they reward such performance.

Shared their experiences majority of the candidates have candidly talk about cordial atmosphere during interview and have termed Personality Test more of a discussion like situation rather than grilling or such wrong notions some candidates may have spread.

The Interview Board may grill you, may trap you in arguments, build up pressure as discussion prolongs on given topic, may fire a bolt from the blue just to check your mental alertness and could be a situational question that reflects your decision making capabilities; but, their endeavor is to analyze real YOU.

Yes, if one try to be smart, then chances are you are in for trouble.

Last Update Saturday 8th February 2020     

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