While preparing for Civil Service Examination can your Academic Brilliance give some lift up?

It is little different that requires a great deal of deliberation as well as time, support and motivation. It has an Exam-Plan that tests your accumulated knowledge, general awareness, skills and traits you develop over the years.

Your academic brilliance can help you in managing study-plan; but, you need explicit knowledge and skills to be successful in Civil Services Examination.

It is an open competitive examination and the spur in number of candidates preparing for Civil Services Examination in recent years has intensified the contest.



Civil Service Examination has always been attracting talented candidates and with recent changes, a lot of higher, professional-degree equipped candidates are getting attracted towards it.

A graduate or higher degree can help you move forwards with your career choice that enables you to take the right decisions.

In today’s fast paced world, you need clear cut ideas about the task in hand and know-how to execute it in the best possible manner.

Civil Service Examination is a different exam-plan where some fresh graduates make it possible in the very first attempt and many post-graduates and higher-studies background aspirants struggle to cross the first hurdle – Prelims.

Civil Service Examination not only measure your knowledge, it evaluates your skills that have been acquired over a long period of time as well as your aptitude for the top jobs.

“The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts”, this saying truly defines the secret for big success in Civil Service Examination.

An aspirant’s academic brilliance, performance and educational achievements are worthy that gives you wide knowledge base, recognition, remunerative career, respect etc. but, when you plan to appear in Civil Service Examination, you are on a different turf.

With accumulated knowledge you become eager to take on new challenges; but, your academic brilliance and achievements are no guarantee for success in Civil Service Examination leave aside lust for IAS post that requires top ranks.

Many candidates knowingly or unknowingly stay in their comfort zone; whereas UPSC is looking out for sharp, talented and suitable candidates for top jobs. 

They would be assigned job and responsibility of a ‘Civil Servant’ where understanding of issues, communication skills, analysing capacity, synthesising various aspects and reaching at the conclusion are some of the qualities that are at test.

When it comes to approach for Civil Services Examination, one can do it with a different mind-set as here the aim is not to acquire ‘Degree’.

All you need is to enjoy the process, enjoy the journey and keep moving ahead with optimism.

Their objective is to have a competitive edge over others and set sights on excellent marks in Mains (Written) so that a good performance in Interview can ensure higher ranks thus a career of your choice ‘IAS’.

To envisage success in Civil Services Examination, you need to have clear idea about the complete exam-plan and related requirements at each stage of examination.

The biggest advantage while preparing for Civil Service Examination is that strong interest in the subject/s you read becomes your strength and put you on a pedestal as you continue studies within such disciplines.

As understanding develops, you start feeling it a safe place and potential areas of your domain are at work and it gives you a feel an extension of subjects that you have dealt with.

Among many factors, accessibility to focused, planned and updated study-material is the most important one.

Civil Services Examination urges you to take a different approach, shifting your thinking from general view of academic achievements to gaining all round excellence and make focused hard work to prove that you are the best.

Last Update Saturday 30th November 2019     

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