7 Factors why you should Approach Civil Services Examination with Full Conviction

In the beginning it is absolutely essential for you to be acquainted with the fact that this is no ordinary examination. 

For an effective preparation you need to understand what the examiner’s expectations are and you have to reach the level it necessitates.

Success in Civil Services Examination remains an illusion until you actually succeed. From imagination to converting it a reality is a long journey that involves initiating preparation with a proper strategy, executing plans with hard work and diligence; maintaining consistency until you reach the destination.


A gruelling competition consisting a multi-stage exam-plan, Civil Services Examination is an obsession for many as it attracts lakhs of young men and women every year who try their luck for making a career in coveted ‘Civil Services’.

Be it a beginner or a consistent campaigner, success is a mystery and each one of them search for some template that can help them succeed.

The fact is that everyone looks at the Civil Services Examination with own understanding and intelligence.

With a lot of awareness around one search for right advice; but, inconsistent descriptions and some conflicting views make it confusing.

As such, this examination is surrounded by a lot of myths and wrong notions and hunt for an effective preparation strategy keeps one on toes.

When you are getting ready to face such an important event of your life, you need to prepare yourself mentally before you take such important task in hand.

Prior to embarking on your expedition, give some worthy reasons to back your decision.

1. Before you begin, self-assessment is must:
It is not an ordinary examination; it has certain standard and the task you are taking in hand requires capability and commitment.

Self-assessment helps in ascertaining where you stand and how much effort is needed to uplift the preparation that matches the exam-level.

This will also reveal your strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly, you can prioritize your study-plan as per needs and requirements.

2. Show courage to commence preparation:
In the beginning, the vastness of the syllabus and extent of subjects’ coverage is enough to scare any candidate.

Moreover, each stage of examination requires different set of skills and capabilities to counter the challenge.

So, you need to show calmness as well as courage and commence preparation with full confidence.

3. Have a proper strategy for preparation:
Big task if divided into smaller goals can be managed more efficiently that too within limited time period.

If you look at Civil Services Examination stage-wise and target each stage separately, it would require huge effort; but, if you are able to understand the complete exam-plan and inter-connection between Preliminary and Main Examination, you will be able to handle the pressure with reduced burden and improved preparation.

4. Put yourself in a learner’s shoes
An important observation is that most of the candidates are enthusiastic initially and engage in Civil Services Examination preparation with their own views and fancies.

A quote from Einstein is apt to sum it up, “Any fool can know, the point is to understand.” It is a mission that will require you to find new ways of learning and for this you need to remain receptive to new ideas.

You have to develop deeper understanding of all that you learn and know and to achieve this you have to remain in learners’ shoes.

While preparing for Civil Services Examination, the strategy is to have competitive edge and in order to survive the rate of learning has to be superior to your fellow competitor.

5. Fix a time-frame for your endeavour:
Life is fast; you can’t just appear in Civil Services Examination without planning. As such, Civil Services Examination is known for its glorious uncertainties.

It is not that you just take it casually and make 5-year plan. Moreover, success is uncertain due to stiff competition.

So, before you commit, you should have a fixed time-frame in mind about your endeavour and if by chance you are not able to achieve desired success, you should swiftly switch to something else worthwhile.

6. You must have some patience:
As it takes a long period for an effective preparation, you need perseverance. Consistency is the key and it is all about your temperament rather than anything else.

Again, not all are fortunate to get the desires success in first attempt. You need to have endurance and guts to fight back after any unpleasant outcome.

7. Have a back-up plan ready:
In case, your foray into this examination doesn’t bear fruits, you should have some back-up career that takes care of your living and fasten you back with normal family obligations.

Irrespective to desired success you get or not; learning and the experience you gain with civil Services Examination would help you anywhere you go and knowledge, awareness and self-reliance you gain will help you excel in life.

With success comes fame and job security
In the recent years, besides other key factors, job-security has been the most significant one that has made career in ‘Civil Services’ enticing for youngsters.

Despite the intensifying completion, Civil Services Examination is still top of mind and the recent changes have even lured lot of professionals and proficient candidates with higher degrees who sense new opportunities that provides chance to shape the changes in the country. It is a fact that their presence has made this examination more challenging.

So, big opportunity awaits you. It is time to concentrate on the exam related requirements and prepare effectively for the whole (Prelims, Mains and Interview) Exam-Plan in mind.

Last Update Saturday 30th November 2019     

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