Dream about Success and Work Hard to Achieve it; says Patil Yogesh Ashokrao (AIR 231; CSE 2018)

Success in first attempt is common; when others do it often, why can’t I?

With such an idea about his endeavor and chances of success Patil Yogesh Ashokrao commenced preparation for Civil Services Examination 2018 and hit the target in first attempt.

With a well planned strategy he chose his Optional Subject sensibly and picked up Anthropology keeping in mind his interest in the subject, books and study-material in abundance and quality guidance available.


Patil Yogesh Ashokrao completed B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) from Pune University in 2017 and immediately after graduating, he started preparing for Civil Services Examination 2018.

He cracked it in first attempt and got Rank 231 that helped him get the post in Indian Police Service.

Exceptional academic performance laid the foundation for a brilliant success as Yogesh scored 96.7 percent in 10th, 94.8 percent in 12th and his 8.6 CGPA in B.Tech is enough to indicate that he has been a consistent performer and has clear ideas about things he handled.

Touching upon the rationale about his career-choice Yogesh said, “Career in Civil Services was my ultimate goal; so, I didn’t think of anything else. There are many motivating factors other than economic opportunities it offers. Civil Services provide a greater opportunity to serve country and society. It also provides an opportunity to be innovative in solving issues at hand.

Revealing the source of inspiration Yogesh said, “My dream of becoming a Civil Servant started with meeting Dr. Shrikar Pardeshi (IAS, Maharashtra Cadre) and the change he brought to the lives of people in my district.”PATIL-YOGESH-ASHOKRAO-IAS-Topper-231st-Rank-CSE-2018

“Its impact was such that despite not knowing what IAS is, I started dreaming about becoming an IAS officer. As I progressed in my schooling I became aware about the responsibilities and authorities of civil servant that strengthened my will to join Civil Services.”

With my graduation degree, there were many lucrative career options open before me; but, my mind was firm about the career in Civil Services. At this critical juncture, I received hundred percent support from my family members especially my father and my brother Gajanan that helped me to realize my dream in Civil Services.

Acknowledging role of family and expressing his emotions Yogesh said, “My father is Primary teacher and mother is homemaker. I have one brother and two sisters. They always supported in my dreams and ambitions.”

While commencing preparation the biggest challenge is to get to know the intricacies involved as the syllabus is vast and how to manage it is a big task.

During my preparation days I got right guidance from many of my mentors and seniors, especially Ravindra Shinde. Also, senior officers like Shri Dnyaneshwar Veer (Civil Accounts Service), Dr. Vivek Bhasme Sir (IAS), Dr. Suyash Chavan Sir (IFS) helped me a lot in this journey.PATIL-YOGESH-ASHOKRAO-IAS-Topper-231st-Rank-CSE-2018

Detaching him from confusion and doubts that usually surround IAS aspirants in the beginning Yogesh said, “I think instead of trying different things one should strive to do things differently. Once I knew the framework; I customized my preparation according to my needs and capabilities and imagined all the things that matters.

Talking about beginners’ mindset Yogesh said, “Starting from scratch to reaching a level when you feel confident; and believing you are ready for taking first attempt is a long journey. Covering syllabus with standard text-books and relevant study material, revising and writing answers and evaluating our preparedness gives you a sense that you are ready.”

Factors that contributed the most in getting top ranks

My strong points - Hard work, consistency in preparation, being committed to my Goal

Secret of Success

Focus towards GOAL and clarity of PURPOSE.

I tried to find symmetry with successful candidates and thought that when others can succeed in first attempt, why can’t I ?

Connect and interest in what all I did as part of my preparation has been the biggest motivating factor.

Credit for Success

I thank almighty first and give complete credit to my family for their guidance, prayers and support. My teachers, my mentors, my friends and my family members all have contributed in my success.

Anything specific that can motivate future aspirants:

First, set GOAL and lay down your priorities. If your Goal is Civil Services; be 100% sure about it.

Self-assessment is your prime objective and being aware of your capabilities will help you in plan your endeavors.

Try to manage things with such an arrangement that you complete the syllabus dividing it in easy to achieve, small targets achieving them on day-to-day basis.

Let each day be productive and the cumulative effect of your efforts would reflect in your final results.

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