Being married and a parent, a late starter, in a full time job; still, able to accomplish the task in style; says Saurabh Kumar Bhuwania (AIR 113; CSE 2018)

A Chartered Accountant and MBA; talented Saurabh Kumar Bhuwania showed courage to appear in Civil Services Examination at age of 30 and realized his dream of making a career in ‘Civil Services’.

In his second attempt Saurabh achieved splendid success and secured AIR 113 in Civil Services Examination 2018

His Optional Subject was Commerce & Accountancy, his own subject.



"I can control my destiny, but not my fate. Destiny means there are opportunities to turn right or left, but fate is a one-way street. I believe we all have the choice as to whether we fulfil our destiny, but our fate is sealed ~ Paulo Coelho”

This famous quote aptly defines the life of Saurabh Kumar Bhuwania. Hailing from Dumka, Jharkhand Saurabh had incredible opportunities available; still, got satisfied with what he got and then, miraculously some developments helped him create a life of his DREAMS.

Now, for Saurabh his fate is sealed and career in ‘Civil Services’ is reality.

However, his destiny guided him to many placed before he could reach his destination. In 2007, Saurabh graduated from St. Xaviors, Kolkata and that followed by Chartered Accountancy (2009) and MBA (2015) from Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi.

After working with consultancy firms Price Waterhouse Coopers and Capgemini, Saurabh was contemplating a career in Investment Banking.

However, success in RBI Grade B exam was a breakthrough that changed the direction of his life as he got to know the significance and potential of Civil Services Examination. He got inspired by the changes one can bring in the society by being a ‘Civil Servant’ and hence his journey started.Saurabh-Kuma-Bhuwania-IAS-Topper-Rank-113-CSE-2018

A very late aspiration

Starting preparation for Civil Services Examination at age of 30 was a very late aspiration for Saurabh. Moreover, He has been married for last 8 years and is a father of 2 year old boy and working with Reserve Bank of India, a full-time job; in all, it was a demanding set-up and a big challenge.

The Goal he had set was hard; but, getting the right advice on preparation plan was effortless. Candidly talking about the beginning, Saurabh said, “I was lucky to have some very good friends at RBI who gave me a lot of insights and ideas during training at Chennai. Also, internet has made things easier as one can now prepare in isolation if one is determined and sorted.”

Elaborating his experiences and his journey, Saurabh said, “I had set a strict timetable for me and meeting deadlines had become the best hack for finishing the tasks on time. With a decent preparation I took my first attempt. I managed to clear Prelims 2017; but, failed in Main Examination due to lack of writing practice, paucity of time and some family issues.

My failure didn’t discourage me; I know, I made mistakes and worked hard on the deficiencies in my first attempt and luckily, it worked out well.Saurabh-Kuma-Bhuwania-IAS-Topper-Rank-113-CSE-2018

Factors that helped him grab the opportunity

Sharing the factors that contributed in his success, Saurabh said, “Many things played a part in my success; well wishes of my family and friends, situations which compelled me to give my best and my ability to convince myself that I can manage to make it to the list despite my limitations of resources and time.”

Showing gratitude towards his family Saurabh said, “My family including my mother, wife, uncle, siblings were my pillars of support all through these 2 years. The most disturbing phase of my UPSC journey had been when I lost my father in 2017 just before the birth of my child. Though, his blessings are always with me.”

“if I talk about my family’s role, I can't stop talking about their involvement; if I start as my spouse served a role of single parent during my preparation, my mother was all prayers and my uncle was a father figure throughout this period”, he added.


Credit for Success

Can't put my finger on anyone specific; lot of people and factors were there.

Smart Work that reflect in my result included Planning, Time Management, Limiting Resources, Hard Work, Support of others, Destiny and so many other factors.

Practically, I had done more hard work in Essay, Ethics and Interview that reaped good rewards.

Secret of Success

Not letting this exam getting on to head.

This was my aspiration; but, I never made it a matter of life and death. It helped me maintain my composure.

Advice to the Future Aspirants

To motivate aspirants Saurabh said, “I don't want to sound pompous; but, I feel my state of being married and a parent, a late starter, in a full time job are constrains good enough to deter confidence. So, if I could manage to do, anyone else can.

Just keep believing yourself and the reason of choosing this journey.

Last Update Saturday 10th August 2019     

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