3 Ingredients for Sure Success - Be Optimistic, Passionate and Remain in Learners’ Shoes; says Ritika (AIR 88; CSE 2018)

With right attitude and by showing truthfulness towards the Goal she had set for herself; Ritika, a commerce graduate, has achieved a splendid success and has secured 88th rank in Civil Services Examination 2018.

It was her second attempt that helped her reach the destination.

Her showed faith in her own subject Commerce and Accountancy as optional subject.


Success in Civil Services Examination is all about the moves you make.

If you are capable, you may miss the target once; but, focus on your goal and perseverance help you overcome all odds.

Ritika has done her schooling from Monga, Punjab and she was the Northern India topper in CBSE 12th board exams. Her flair with academics continued and her brilliance came on fore as she graduated from Sri Ram College of Commerce with 3rd rank in 2017.

Though, lots of opportunities available; but, her inclination towards ‘Civil Services’ was the prime reason for choosing the career for ‘Life’. She appeared in Civil Services Examination 2017 immediately after being eligible and she put her best in her efforts.

With success in sight and keeping her hopes alive she cleared Preliminary and Main Examination in first attempt and even qualified for appearing in Personality Test (Interview).

But, luck was not been on her side as could not make it to the final list.

Ritika, a deserving candidate was disheartened as she could not finally get through and falling after reaching the final stage of examination, proved to be just a sort of speed-breaker for her in the end.

She showed strength to fight back and by showing faith in herself she cracked it in her 2nd attempt and secured AIR 88 in Civil Services Examination 2018.Ritika-ias-topper-cse-2018-88th-rank-UPSC-commerce

As such, those with big aspirations don’t get perturbed by the challenges they face during the journey.

Even on her personal front, when Ritika was preparing for Civil Services Examination, she came to know about her father’s ailment – Cancer; but, she didn’t bow down to the circumstances and continued preparing.

Like Ritika, every success has its own story

Everyone is different and when we look at the factors that worked for one, may well be different from what worked for someone else.

When it comes to gruelling competition life Civil Services Examination, as lakhs of candidates sit at the cusp of their dream becoming a reality all they need is the right advice.

Sharing her experiences with Civil Services Examination Ritika reveals few points that can help future spirants in understanding the requirements and formulating their strategies for improved performance.

  • Chalk out your own plan. Don't blindly follow anyone's advice. (Every person has his/her own strengths & weaknesses and faces different circumstances)
  • Take the exam as learning process; as a journey, not an end in itself
  • Give equitable importance to all the subjects
  • Do cost-benefit analysis while preparing
  • Have a good understanding of every subject - neither shallow understanding nor confusing yourself with unnecessary details
  • Give due importance to every stage - pre, mains and interview. Every stage has its own demands, build your capacity according to that
  • Stick to the sources you are referring, build good foundation (don't randomly jump from one source to another)
  • Use 3-step process - Understand, Learn, Revise
  • Keep yourself calm, cool and composed (Stress will reduce your learning capacity)
  • Have balanced and logical opinion, keep your mind open (for Mains and Interview)
  • Don't compromise on your sleep. (Good sleep increases productivity of mind)
  • Take healthy, balanced and nutritious diet (falling sick reduces your learning days)
  • Preferably do physical exercise/yoga/ morning walk to keep yourself healthy (This refreshes your mind - important for good memory)
  • Be consistent in your efforts. There is no substitute of self-discipline.
  • Do Smart Work --> Hard work in the Right Direction! 
  • There are no shortcuts to success.
  • Have high regards for your parents and teachers. They are a continuous source of motivation, support and selfless love.  Ritika-ias-topper-cse-2018-88th-rank-UPSC-commerce

Credit for Success

Showing gratitude for this grand success Ritika gives credit for her success to the almighty God, her Parents and younger brother, her teachers and her mentor- M.K. Yadav, friends and well wishers who have stood by her through this journey.

Her Resources

She kept limited resource and trusted relevant study-material for preparation and it included 6-12th NCERTs, Newspaper (The Hindu), Budget, Eco Survey, NITI Ayog reports, PRS, PIB, Yojana magazine, Lakshmikant, GC Leong, Spectrum, 2nd ARC reports, Subhash Kashyap, DD Basu; this list is indicative not exhaustive

Advice to the Future Aspirants

Make the best use of these golden years of your life. Be a good and responsible citizen first. 

You are the future of our country. Don't consider this exam as the end of your life. You are capable of doing wonders.

Unleash your potential! In whichever capacity you are, wherever you are, you can serve your country and your people.

All the best for your journey ahead!

Last Update Monday 5th August 2019     

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