Success in IAS - I Shaped the direction of my life with ‘Karma’, says Ajay Katesaria (AIR 28, CSE 2011)

A simple young boy, Ajay Katesaria who owes his success to ‘Bhagavad-Gita’, achieved brilliant success by getting selected at 28th rank in coveted Civil Services Examination 2011.

His success gives big motivation to future candidates and his approach towards Civil Services Examination is still spreading the message that nothing is difficult if you put in focused hard work.

It was his third attempt.


When it is being debated that the first result of Civil Services Examination 2011 after new-look Preliminary Examination, has favoured engineers, doctors and professionally qualified candidates, the merit-list is having many accomplishments with whom a common candidate can relate to.

One such success is of Ajay Katesaria who has done it in style by grabbing 28th rank in the merit-list. A simple commerce graduate (Correspondence) from Delhi University achieving splendid success in Civil Services Examination is a role model for many.

At times, life can be on a roller coaster; but, with single focus and consistent hard work you have power to create miracles.Ajay-Katesaria-IAS-Topper-CSE-2011-28th-Rank

About success in Civil Services

For achieving success here, you need to have focus on contemporary knowledge. It is just nothing if at right time you start preparation, build-up a right focus, address the right concerns and ultimately end up taking the right decisions.

Revealing his identity and his mindset Ajay said, “I am from a simple small-town family and had been facing harsh realities of life, common man undergoes each day. You can say my case is youth from small town but, with big dreams.”

“But, I have some entrepreneurial qualities that guide me whenever and whatever I do. The same happened when I thought of appearing in Civil Services Examination”, he added.

About choice of optional subjects

The basis of my optional subject selection was purely my interest in the subjects. I think, the time we are in and the way our country is progressing, in these transitional phases, knowledge of Political Science & International Relations is of great importance and about Law, I consider it is nothing but being aware and practical in life.

I am an activist and I think each of us should have acquaintance with both these subjects to understand our rights as well as the duties and how this world moves on.

Being from non-Law background was never a reason to doubt my chances of success as I had faith in my abilities and my aim was to work hard and leave rest on God.

Challenges all through

As he commenced the preparation for Civil Services Examination, Ajay faced a range of difficult circumstances.

While preparing for Main Examination, in 2009 when Ajay took first attempt, his father was permanently disabled due to which he could start his preparation very late. “Being the eldest son, I had a lot of responsibilities towards family; still, I missed an interview call just by 1 mark”, said Ajay.

He made all attempts for a better performance in second attempt, but as the bad fortune continued; his father expired while the Main Examinations were on. Still, got interview call and missed the final selection with a wafer-thin margin.

"But, my believe in ‘Bhagavad-Gita’ kept me motivated and I once again focused all my energy this time and fortunately all went smoothly and the result is in front of you" says confident Ajay.

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