‘Backbenchers’ played a vital role in my success; says Ajit (AIR 26; CSE 2012)

Ajit, an IPS officer in Madhya Pradesh cadre has secured 26th rank in Civil Services Examination 2012.

As he could not get time to prepare, he relied on his old notes and fresh notes prepared by a bunch of friends, as they call themselves - ‘Backbenchers’.


For a boy who lost his father at the age of six, journey to the most prestigious services in the country has not been easy.

Earlier, his maternal grandfather and later, his mother Pramila Roy had to make a lot of sacrifices as she worked tirelessly in order to ensure that he gets decent education.

His family stood with him as rock although out his mission. After completing B Tech from IIT, Kanpur this boy did MA from JNU and was engaged with M Phil.

Despite all adversities, he continued academics and to make career in IAS, while pursuing Masters in Economics in JNU, New Delhi, he decided to take a plunge in to Civil Services Examination.

This is story of Ajit who has produced outstanding result and achieved 26th rank in Civil Services Examination 2012. He has achieved this brilliant success despite of being in Indian Police service (IPS).

Divulging details about his pursuit for success Ajit said, “In first attempt, I wrote Main Examination, but, could not get Interview call. In my second attempt, I cracked this examination and secured 97th rank in CSE 2009. I got Indian Police Service and I am serving as IPS officer in Madya Pradesh cadre.Ajit-ias-toppper-AIR-26-CSE-2012-upsc

The hunt for ‘IAS’ continued; in my third attempt, due to a lot of distractions and poor health, got 462nd rank, but, the fourth attempt proved to be lucky for me,” said Ajit.

Commenting on quest for post of IAS, Ajit said, “No other job in the world provides you such a big platform at such a young age. As a young and dynamic officer heading a district or working in a department you can influence the lives of millions.”

Recounting the fall of events Ajit said, this time it was not easy, “I decided to write Main Examination just 20 days before the Main Examination that commenced in first week of October 2012. I was granted only 12 days leave and preparing for Main Exam in such a small time was a herculean task.”

To avail the opportunity I needed planning; I accumulated relevant resources but, it needed execution of plan with clinical precision. Here, ‘Backbenchers’ provided the much needed support.

More importantly, this needed lot of determination, single-mindedness, and courage.

“In such a small time, I just relied on my own old notes as well as notes prepared by my friends Amar Gahlot, Awanish, Rajeev, Sanjay Vaish, Yogendra Singh, Parul, Rijula, Manish, Rishi and Abhinav.”

“We are a small group of friends and we call us ‘Backbenchers’. All the backbenchers cooperate and help each other that generate synergy and even, produced outstanding result as well,” he added.

Ajit also feel grateful to his wife Rijula Uniyal (AIR 231, CSE 2010; Indian Revenue Service) with whom he has jointly taken conscious decision to appear in Civil Services Examination and acknowledges that she had been a great support during preparation.

Talking about his preparation-plan Ajit said, “One can clear Preliminary Examination with the knowledge; but, Main exam requires a lot of practice of answer-writing. In my first attempt my focus was more on reading. As a result, I could not give sufficient time to practice answer-writing. I realized this mistake and for my second attempt I made it sure that even if syllabus is not fully covered I must devote sufficient time for answer writing and reserved Weekends for this.

Candidates should know that this exam is as much a test of your ability to write as it is of your knowledge. You can’t ignore former for the latter. Once you come out of the examination hall you leave your words behind. Therefore make it sure that those words and sentences are good enough to attract examiner’s attention.

His eagerness to serve the masses reflects in his words as he said, “With your talent, innovation skills, and hard-work you can bring very positive changes in the lives of your countrymen and women which is hugely satisfying.”

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