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I believe in giving my 100 per cent to one thing at a time, and it was Civil Service Exam; says, Debasweta Banik (AIR 14; CSE 2012)

For a 22 year girl from Noida, the road to success in Civil Services Examination had been relatively easier as she cracked the Civil Services Examination 2012 in her first encounter.

She secured 14th rank in the merit-list. For her, it looked easy as before commencing study-plan, she was clear in her preparation strategies and had tried to adhere to all the targets she fixed for herself.


To accomplish her childhood dream to become IAS, after graduating from Delhi University in 2011, Debasweta Banik commenced serious preparation for Civil Services Examination - the mother of all examinations as it is called.

“As I had just completed graduation, I was seriously glued to Civil Services Examination preparation. This was my very first attempt and I kept telling myself throughout that this attempt should turn out to be my last. I should work accordingly so that I get my desired top rank in the first attempt itself” said elated Debasweta Banik, one of the youngest candidates to become IAS this year.

At an age when a majority of candidates start thinking about taking a plunge, Debasweta was clear about her goal as she said, “I did not seek out any career opportunity apart from the Civil Services. I believe in giving my 100% to one thing at a time, and was preparing for civil Services Examination with single minded focus.

In fact, I did not even appear for any entrance exam for Masters in Economics as earlier planned. I did not think of any ‘Plan-B’ because I was determined to succeed in my ultimate goal” she added.Debasweta-Banik-AIR-14-CSE-2012

Cracking this examination in first attempt is not a child’s play. She knew it well and accordingly charted her moves carefully.

Although, she graduated in Economics but, her optional subjects were Anthropology and Psychology as she had keen interest in both the subjects.

She didn’t need any external help as her elder sister Subhasweta, a Gold Medalist in M.Sc. Anthropology from Delhi University, proved to be a mentor for her.

Groundwork for Civil Services Examination preparation was complete while she was doing graduation and got inspired by the success-stories she read. She said, “Reading about toppers gave me an opportunity to get to know their varied styles of preparation which aided me to customize a method of study which suited me best.”

And her preparation strategy was clear and simple – strictly follow the syllabus given by UPSC and just relied upon standard textbooks in all the areas.

Being an avid reader of newspapers, she found it comfortable in handling the pressure. Actually, it was part of her strategy to counter General Studies paper.

Sharing intricacies about her preparation-plan, she said, “I had decided beforehand that I would not take any coaching during my preparation and this decision helped me save a lot of time and energy.”

Talking about the importance of time management for this examination she said that it requires a minute planning and a rough timetable for all the stages of the examination. Sticking to the targets and meeting these objectives on day-to-day basis can help in managing time well during preparation as well as while writing in examination-hall.

Expressing her gratitude, she added, “My father, mother and elder sister deserve all the credit for this brilliant success. They are the wind beneath my wings.”

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