People do Change the World; All One Need is a Strong Will; says Mayur Dixit (AIR 11; CSE 2012)

Mayur Dixit (AIR-11, CSE 2012) has reached the pinnacle of success by achieving top ranks in the Civil Services Examination.

From Investment Adviser to becoming IAS, it has been a story of many sacrifices just to follow his dreams. With career in Indian Administrative Service in his fold, has come close to what he feels would give him the utmost satisfaction in life.


There are many who chose a path different than that the people generally suggest; one such youngster is Mayur Dixit. An alumnus of IIT (Kanpur) and IIM (Bangalore), Mayur has grabbed the 11th rank in Civil Services Examination 2012 and has ensured post of ‘IAS’.

From an economic standpoint, Mayur had a great start to his career as he was working with Kotak Investment Advisors as Associate Vice-President; but, his urge to do something different forced him to look at career in Civil Services.

Elaborating about his decision to take a plunge in perceived to be the toughest examinations in the country, Mayur said, “I loved all the experiences I had; learned a great deal and enriched my knowledge base; but, I was looking for something that gives me satisfaction as I wanted to do something worthwhile for the society.”

Decision to leave lucrative opportunities in corporate world is not that easy and poses even a bigger risk; but, when you are in twenties, money is not everything.

His urge to work at grass root level, experience and solve the basic problems and difficulties of a common man inspired him to join Indian Administrative Service.

“Although, I achieved success in my first encounter with Civil Services Examination last year (AIR 263; CSE 2011) and got Indian Revenue Service (C&CE); but, I strived hard to accomplish my goal and I am fortunate to find name among top few in long merit-list” he added.

Visualizing his first attempt, Mayur said, “My first attempt was lacking a bit in preparation because I wrote the exam while I was working in a Private Sector Company and didn’t have much time to prepare seriously.”

“In this second attempt, I devoted ample time to prepare for the optional papers. I emphasized on my writing style. I wrote crisp and succinct answer. Since time is of utmost importance; so, in less time, I tried to cover more points and it really worked” he added.

He gives credit for success to his family and his elder brother, a software engineer in Microsoft, is his favourite person. His father Umesh Chandra Dixit is Joint director in Animal Husbandry Department in Rajasthan; and mother Kalyani Dixit is Principal in Government Girls School in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan; his younger brother is in class 12.

Narrating the role of family and friends, he said, “I believe in the saying – ‘Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.’

Even though the importance of inspiration appears less than the efforts we put in, it is a very essential ingredient.

I got inspired to work hard and give my 100% from my family, friends and college batch-mates that had got into the civil services.

Their encouragement and guidance provided me the essential inspiration component.”

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