Success inspires success – A word of Advice from Toppers helped Prince Dhawan to achieve 3rd Rank in CSE 2011

When it is about choice of optional subject, no harm in reaching out to the successful candidates with the optional you intent to take and get some valuable advice.

While making preparation-plans, Prince Dhawan (AIR 3; CSE 2011) reached out to his seniors, successful candidates who helped him take the right decision about choice of optional subject.

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You need to have the imaginations and drive to make things happen. One of the secrets to success is recognizing that motivation follows action.

For any new candidate who starts thinking about making a career in Civil Services, it is of great magnitude to take a look at the toppers strategies and take some clue from their success-plan.

As such aspirants are eager to know top rankers thoughts, expressions they make about preparation and advice on virtually most of the issues such as what to read, what their strategy was; optional subjects, from where they took help etc.

When Prince Dhawan started toying with an idea of serious preparation for Civil Services Examination he was confused a little bit about his optional subjects and was mulling over the humanities subjects which are performing and producing very good results.

The major aspect about most of these humanities subjects was that these can be prepared within 4-5 months whereas Electrical Engineering requires at least one year time to prepare effectively.Prince-Dhawan-IAS-Topper-3rd-rank-cse-2011

For Prince, it was his first encounter with the examination and love for own subject Electrical Engineering was impulsive; but, a few queries were posing little problem and before he could say yes, he wanted to be sure about his decision.

Not a very good success-rate and as it is chosen by a limited number of candidates, dilemma for Prince was about picking Electrical Engineering as an optional subject or should he look further.

On this front, the biggest motivation came from his senior Prakash Rajpurohit (AIR 2, CSE 2009) who achieved success with Electrical Engineering and Mathematics.

Prince had also been tracking the success of Muthyala Raju Revu (AIR 1, CSE 2006) and Supreet Singh Gulati (AIR 2, CSE 2007) who earlier achieved success with Electrical Engineering as one of the optional subject.

Taking about inspiration and valuable advice he got from toppers Prince said, “After talking to Prakash sir, I firmly made up mind to accept my own subject Electrical Engineering as first choice. While selecting my second optional, I considered the advice from Supreet Gulati sir who recommended not to pick both Science/Engineering subject; that is why, for second optional subject, I gave preference to the best performing subject these days - Public Administration.”

The strategy worked, the advice proved to be the instrument in his success that has come to him in his very first attempt.

So, reach out to people whom you trust, who can show you’re the right direction, continue putting in hard work and remain focused on the goal, god willing, success will be yours.

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