Planning, Hard Work and Consistency helped Ankita Choudhary secure 14th Rank in Civil Services Exam 2018

Ankita Choudhary, from Meham, Rohtak (Haryana) has achieved a splendid success in Civil Services Examination 2018 and secured 14th rank.

It was her second attempt and she had chosen Public Administration as optional subject.

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“Write to-do list and sticking to it on day-today basis; setting own deadlines and trying hard to meet all targets” with these words Ankita Choudhary (AIR 14; CSE 2018) illustrates her success-plan.

Candidly expressing her mind about UPSC Ankita said, “There is no ideal way to prepare for Civil Services Examination; but, I trusted my instinct and pursue it with determination and passion.”

Indicating her goal-setting plans Ankita said, “During my school days, I made up my mind about career in Civil Services; with a clear-cut inclination towards Indian Administrative Services. I did not even think of choosing something else apart from IAS. I did not even say that I am preparing for UPSC Civil Services Exam; rather I used to say that I am preparing to become IAS.”ankita-choudhary-ias-topper-14th-rank-cse-2018

In my school days, to get inspired I used to read toppers interviews a lot. Early goal setting helped me take premeditated actions that included graduation (Chemistry Hons) from Hindu College, Delhi University and as I was not even 21, eligible to write the examination and expected to be mature before taking a plunge into something big, I did post-graduation from IIT (Delhi).

When I was at IIT Delhi, my room-mate was also preparing for Civil Services during her PhD, she gave me a rough idea about examination and even coaching institutes. Besides, 2-3 of my cousins were also preparing for Civil Services Examination. They helped me in choosing the optional subject, rest I did myself.

Now, when I seriously thought about appearing in Civil Services Examination 2017, as per exam-plan I was to pick only one optional subject and after weighing up things, I decided in favour of Public Administration, a subject that will be helping me even in my future endeavour.

I joined Vaji Ram & Ravi for General Studies preparation and Synergy IAS for Public Administration. When you join a coaching you form a group and rest of the information you just have to process yourself

Whilst I started preparing I occasionally used social media and whenever I used internet, it was related to content and was just restricted to my preparation related activities. 

Even, I didn’t read much about toppers’ strategies because sometimes when you examine a lot, you start doubting yourself. When it was about my optional subject choice, I didn’t look at current trends and what all people were talking about Public Administration.ankita-choudhary-ias-topper-14th-rank-cse-2018

Initially I was very clear that I will only stick to UPSC; but, during preparation I realised that it is unpredictable and you can’t be sure that you’ll get through it.

Actually, during my first attempt CSE 2017, I just finished my coaching at Vaji Ram & Ravi, so there was no time for self-study or for revising the notes. I think during my first attempt, my mistake was I could not go through in depth for topics. As a result, I couldn’t clear Preliminary Examination.

When I failed in my first attempt, I thought of other options available and I appeared for other examinations as well. As the luck would have been, at the time this result came out for CSE 2018, I already had two jobs in hand; but, I didn’t join any of those.

During the gap after Prelims 2017 I made it sure that I revise my notes thoroughly and I prepared my own notes, I updated them and revised them for multiple times and I didn’t refer to multiple sources. I was choosy about which topic or where I am going to study. So that thing helped me a lot.

My straightforward approach and a clear mind-set helped my reach my destination.

While preparing it is a depressing phase; even I have cried during my preparation. When you study for 10-12 hours and see your friends enjoying, you have a feeling that where am I stuck; but, I am lucky that I got success in two attempts only.

After my interview I was satisfied with my attempt but, was not sure of top ranks. I told my family that this year I will become may be an IRS and next year, surely I will work harder and will become an IAS.

However, my father and brother were quite confident and days before results they were saying like you’ll be in top 20 and my brother said you should be in top 10.

After knowing my result, firstly it was a feeling of disbelief; I was shocked to see my name at Rank 14. And that moment followed by celebrations gave me sense of accomplishment and I felt contented that it really worked well.

I consider my family as the biggest contributor in my success. Their support has been the backbone during my preparation. My father works in works as a record keeper at a government sugar mill in Rohtak. My mother was a government teacher; she passed away in 2012 in a road accident. I personally feel that my elder brother actually sacrificed his studies for me. He has started his own business; he is married and we have two small kids in our house.ankita-choudhary-ias-topper-14th-rank-cse-2018

I was very confident about my goal; but, still it was very important that there is someone to say that ‘yes, you can do’. So, it was very important for me that I have someone to support me and my father and brother were always there for me to tell that you take a step forward, we are behind you.

Advising future aspirants Ankita said that you plan your endeavour, simply work hard and maintain consistency in preparation. With positive attitude, you too can achieve big success.

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