Main Examination 2019: Are you ready to change your preparation style?

As the Preliminary Examination 2019 got over, the sprint started for evaluating the performance and knowing the expected cut-off.

This year, Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2019 has been considered even tougher comparing last edition and many candidates are expecting lower cut-off.

The fate of all the candidates has been sealed; but, you cannot just wait for knowing your result as you have to care for Main Examination 2019.



This year, again, is no exception; lakhs of candidates appeared in Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination which was stages on June 2, 2019.

Now, the eyes are set on Main Examination 2019 which requires a fresh approach as the recent trends put forward a clear signal that only an effective extensive preparation can help you in Mains.

The enormous craze this examination attracts makes sure that majority of them are not here just for Prelims and a group of aspirants who have degrees of competence within and are confident of cracking it despite of all challenges, have already started eyeing preparation for Main Examination that are to commence from September 20, 2019.

While serious candidates understand the importance of time and would have commenced preparation for coming Main Examination; the smart ones would have taken some inference from Prelims 2019 and would have widened their area of coverage for preparing dynamic part of the syllabus.

Even, for others if they are serious about their foray, there is no other choice but, to continue preparation.

It is an established fact that your attitude really makes the difference. Now, you have to overcome worries, if you have any, and move on to serious study-plan.

Identify your challenges
It is going to be difficult. Yes, one, the updated content and preparation style needs to be altered; two, General Studies that has become the name of the game; But, GS Paper 2 and 3 have still not been a strong area for majority of candidates; three, so many constituents in General Studies; what is important and what not and in which way UPSC surprise with question papers that will add to challenge; four, GS Paper IV has again become a puzzle for many; five, One optional subjects has been recognized as a big contributor; six, a glance at marks of successful candidates indicate the role of Essay and Optional subject has made it quite vulnerable to wide swings in aggregate.

The turbulent time continues; we have observed instances of candidates taking first attempt scoring high marks and at the same time seasoned campaigners have found it tough to counter it effectively.

You have to show the courage and have to exhibit complete dedication to wards Main Examination preparation. You have to understand the intricacies involved and how all preparation has to be managed in the limited time at your disposal.

What to do?
You don’t have any other option; but to prepare. Now, the time has come when you need to pinpoint your choices for updated content and even for test-series and emphasis on answer-writing practice. You have less than 3 months time and the task in hand is big.

Before Prelims result comes, distinguish the important areas/topics of each paper of General Studies. Essay is another area that gives you opportunity to score high marks and offers high efforts-rewards ratio.

Besides, with revision see how best you stand to score with the optional subject you have chosen; make sure your choice delivers and your overall performance make your goal attainable.

Last Update Tuesday 18th June 2019     

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