Pradeep Kumar Dwivedi, a farmer’s son gradually discovers his path to becoming IAS with hard work and by moving in the right direction

A Jawahar Navodaya Vidhyalaya lad Pradeep Kumar Dwivedi had charted a clear cut strategy for Career Advancement. With Rank 74 in Civil services Examination 2018, Pradeep has accomplished the goal that he had set for himself and has taken the first step towards a bright future.

This success came to him in his third attempt. Though he made it in his second attempt also; but, got a lower rank 491.

He has chosen Literature of Hindi Language as optional subject.


When your hopes, dreams and goals are the same, it becomes easier for you to achieve what you aspire.

With Civil Services Examination 2018, Pradeep Kumar Dwivedi, a B. Tech (Electrical Engineering from MANIT, Bhopal) has finally reached his career goal he set for himself.

Though, he had set two years’ time frame for his endeavor, it took three attempts to accomplish the task. However, he proved himself right as he succeeded in his second attempt; but, got a lower rank (AIR 491; CSE 2017).

Candidly admitting his fascination with his career choice Pradeep said, “The moment I thought about ‘Civil Services’, post of IAS is top-of-mind. This is the only medium through which I can contribute in making our society better than what I got.”

“In corner of my heart it was buried somewhere and I always wanted to become IAS. For youth from low-middle income group like me ‘Civil Services’ is the only platform that gives opportunity to contribute in bringing desired changes in the society. Moreover, another factor has been the social recognition and prestige that comes with these services.”

I belong to Barigarh, Chhatarpur; Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh and my father is a farmer and mother is homemaker.


Defining his viewpoint about preparation-plan and the challenges one face Pradeep said, “If your aptitude matches with the Civil Services Exam requirements, it is easier to handle Civil Services Examination preparation. Often, either we don’t move in the right direction and don’t read relevant study-material or we don’t constantly evaluate ourselves that affects performance. I was clear in mind that if I don’t clear the exam in two attempts, I will not give up; but, I will give next attempt with another job in hand.”

Narrating his journey towards his final destination Pradeep said, “I was working with Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board as Assistant Engineer. While working, I felt that given an opportunity, I can do much better and then decided to try my luck with Civil Services Examination.”

My college senior Suraj Sharma made me acquaint with the exam-plan and his guidance helped me a lot. I trusted my own strategy; still to seek advice another friend of mine Vipin Kumar Jain was always available for consultation.

I had limited time before I took my first attempt; so, practically there was no hope for success. I had thought that I will be able to make it in second attempt. It took three attempts; each attempt is in continuation of the earlier one and improved the quality of preparation. Instead of stoppage, I see these attempts as steps to success.

In my second attempt as well as this time I was sure of getting success. Both times I am proved right though, last time my rank was little lower and this time it is AIR 74.PRADEEP-KUMAR-DWIVEDI-ias-topper-upsc-cse-2018-74th-rank-earlier-selected

Finding the right direction was crucial for me. I don’t believe in taking too much of burden; so, I focused on specific contents and had a grip over what all I read.

When asked to pinpoint factors that contributed the most in success Pradeep said, “As such there was nothing special in this attempt that gave me good rank. Yes, I can say that I tried to improve my score in interview this time. Second, I feel lucky as this time Literature of Hindi Language has got me above average marks.

Pradeep had shown faith in Literature of Hindi Language as optional subject. Being an engineer why he picked up literature; clarifying his stand Pradeep said, “I was looking for a safe subject that can be prepared within lesser time. My Hindi writing style has been quite good and the contents of the Literature of Hindi Language syllabus are of my interest. Moreover, it is considered to be a safe optional.

Secret of Success

Consistency, family’s support and right advice from seniors.

Credit for Success

Pinpointing anyone for it is quite difficult; each one of them who contributed in my personality development deserves the credit for my success.

Advice to future aspirants

Work hard and do everything you can. Don’t waste time on the things that are not in your hand; leave these on God.

Last Update Monday 15th July 2019     

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