Civil Services Examination Preparation: Be Organized To Face A Major Life Event

You are standing at the threshold of a new stage of life trying to find out the right direction and the right information on career-choices present in front of you.

You have freedom to make decision among a wide range of career options available and when you are taking one of the most important decisions you have made in life by choose ‘Civil Services’ as the final career destination, you are making your mind up for something big.


Civil Services Examination is a big examination and the door it opens is much bigger.

However, it has been observed that the general fascination with ‘IAS’ tag at times is the main reason for choosing this gruelling examination as channel to reach the target.

Ploy for preparation should be shaped carefully with an aim to crack first Preliminary Examination; then, outstanding performance in Main Examination that brightens your prospects.

Being unsure of what the outcome could be, you wish to move ahead with such a course of action that is big and bold, discover the purpose why you wish to undertake such an endeavour.

First ascertain your interest and assess yourself before you plan to appear in Civil Services Examination and then take the first step to achieve incredible success in life.

In the beginning itself, you should understand the exam related requirements and the significance each stage has in the exam-plan.

In the beginning, it looks simple and manageable

Yes, it usually happens in the beginning as the Exam-Plan and the talk one hear around from successful candidates in Civil Services Examination gives a feel that it is manageable and with some efforts it is doable.

It looks so simple that the most of the aspirants think that they know it well –a few NCERT Books, some basic books and newspaper reading and success strategy from the successful candidates is enough to kick-start preparation with end success in sight.

Being familiar with the exam-plan and preparing for it understanding the intricacies involved, are two different demons.

When action starts and as you advance with study-plan, gradually you understand the vastness and what all it requires.

It is no small feat; it requires multiple competencies and smart hard work to succeed.

Your true zeal and honest efforts would reveal the right direction and would help in reaching the destination. The required motivation for continuing preparation will come from the determination you show towards your goal

The Reward

Civil Services Examination, a complete package of Status, job-security and satisfaction attracts lakhs of young men and women every year to fulfil their most cherished dream.

Success changes your life in a blink; it means a new beginning, joy of accomplishment, the possibilities to realize your imaginations you had about the ‘Civil Servants’ as well as the privileges, challenges and responsibilities that Civil Services offer every single day.

You should remain serious about the career choice you have made. Back it up with planned study and systematic approach towards examination requirements.

This exciting new beginning has power to convert your dreams in to reality; so, make a plan, arrange books and study-material and commence your journey toward the goal.

Be consistent and concentrate all your energies for an effective preparation.

All the best!

Last Update Friday 6th December 2019     

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