My elder brother stimulated apparently ordinary me to unusual effort that resulted in such a splendid success; says Veer Pratap Singh (AIR 92; CSE 2018)

25 years old Veer Pratap Singh from Dalpatpur village, District Bulandshahr (UP) has fulfilled the dreams of his family by achieving a brilliant success in Civil Services Examination 2018 and has secured 92nd rank in the merit-list.

It was his third successive Main Examination appearance and finally with CSE 2018, Veer Pratap tasted the sweetness of success.

He has chosen Philosophy as optional subject.

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Veer pratap Singh is an example of fulfilling a commitment made to his family and living up to his responsibilities that finally resulted in removal of all obstacles from his endeavour.

Passionate for career in Civil Services, Veer Pratap relentlessly kept moving on the path of his plans and after completing B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) from Aligarh Muslim University in 2015, Veer Pratap started his foray in to Civil Services Examination.

Candidly talking about his career choice he said, “Civil Services provide us the opportunity to touch the lives of maximum people, especially the deprived, marginalized and exploited people. It also has social reputation and prestige, apart from good career growth.”

Being self-aware and a fairly determined person Veer Pratap had his family as support system and his elder brother stimulated apparently ordinary Veer Pratap to unusual effort that resulted in such a splendid success.Veer-Pratap-singh-ias-topper-upsc-CSE-2018-92nd-rank-Philosophy

When asked to pinpoint the factors that supported him in his success Veer Pratap said, “There is nothing special per se which can solely be said to have contributed in my success. My determination, perseverance, discipline and very rigorous efforts led to my success in Civil Services Examination.”

Showing gratitude towards his family Veer Pratap said, “My parents are very calm and simple. I have four siblings, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. My family supported me, encouraged me and motivated me to give Civil Services a chance. When I was preparing for it, they always made me feel as if I were destined for Civil Services only. Without their continuing support, my journey would have not been possible.”

Revealing the source of inspiration and starting place for preparation Veer Pratap said, “My elder sibling prepared for Civil Services but, unfortunately could not clear exam; so they guided me throughout my preparation. I never looked any other video of toppers, never sought advice of anyone else other than my brother and sister.”

Even choice of optional subject was a part of my strategy as I was looking for a subject that has relevance in General Studies papers and which can be covered in short-span, say in and around four months and which is giving high marks. I found Philosophy that confirmed to all these factors and that’s how I moved ahead with study-plans.

The Journey

In my first attempt in CSE 2016 and even second attempt in CSE 2017, I reached Interview stage; but could not get final selection.

In first attempt such occurrence gives you a feel that you are on the right path and very close to success; but, in successive attempts falling at the last step is really hurting.

But, instead of losing hopes, I introspected and realize that I was falling short of something very crucial that really impacted my chances of success and I found that this critical thing was lack of grip over Essay writing and command over interview.

For this third attempt I really worked hard for Essay and I focused excessively on improvement in Mains answer writing that could improve my score.

My simple yet rigorous plan to write Main Examination helped me get this success. Answer writing practice is the key to get top marks in Mains. The confidence I gained, helped me perform better and to end with, I found my name in the merit-list at 92nd rank.

Secret of Success

Hard work along with calm and cool demeanor is the key to success. I always went to my bed feeling satisfied as I felt I have done my task today that was expected of me.

Credit for Success

I give credit to my family who sacrificed so much for this to happen. My family is the bulwark for me. My elder brother deserves the credit the most as he left preparation and joined CRPF just to make sure I do not have any financial constraint during my preparations and whenever I felt melancholic, he was the one I looked up to during preparation.

Advice to Future Aspirants

You should plan your endeavor; make your own strategy and stick to that.

I come from a very remote village, where you can’t get even a simple painkiller. So, when a person like me can make it to the UPSC, why can’t you?

Aspirants should focus on what they have and I feel they will find a plenty of things which would motivate them to take this examination head on.


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