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Questions asked during Interview - G Surya Sai Praveenchand (AIR 64; CSE 2018)

Interview experience for G Surya Sai Praveenchand (AIR 64; CSE 2018) and the questions asked during Personality Test.

He faced Professor Manoj Soni’s Interview Board. It was scheduled for 22 Feb, 2019

He was asked many questions relating to Bio-Data, current affairs and some situational questions.

G Surya Sai Praveenchand

(AIR 64; CSE 2018)

Interview (Personality Test)

Interview Board : Professor Manoj Soni

Date : 22 Feb, 2019

  1. What is your name ?
  2. How is Amaravati doing ?
  3. Can you tell me about place your are coming from ?
  4. How much is the distance from your place to Amaravati, in what direction ?
  5. Have you got to visit any historical monuments in the city (Delhi )
  6. Did you read in depth about these monuments ?
  7. Is Wikipedia authentic source ?
  8. You have studied in Patna ? What do you like about Patna ?
  9. Have you got to visit any places there ?
  10. What you don’t like about Patna
  11. How to prevent corruption in land records , briberary
  12. Using electrical engineering
  13. What sensors, CCTV
  14. Senior will be pressurising you, what would you do ?
  15. You mentioned about Wikipedia , what is Wiki Leaks
  16. Who was the founder, where is he seeking asylum ?
  17. Crypto Currencies
  18. Are they legal or illegal ?
  19. Dark net
  20. How to monitor them ?
  21. Reasons for deterioration of position of women in the society from ancient times to now
  22. You have taken part in various student activities, are they important, why ?
  23. What is your favourite newspaper ?
  24. Why ?
  25. Saudi- Pakistan issue, why did India didn’t allow ?
  26. What has changed in the last four years ?
  27. What is the name of the highest honour ?
  28. Telangana was separated, why ?
  29. What was the demand ?
  30. What about small states ? Are they feasible ?
  31. Is Andhra Pradesh economically viable ? Why are they demanding for special category status ? What about Bihar , compare the situation
  32. How is Eenadu contributing to the development of The state ?
  33. Engineering, Mathematics and Communication. Why so ?

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