An aspirant must have the perseverance to stick to smart study-plan until it is not conquered; says Atirag Chaplot (AIR 15; CSE 2018)

Hailing from Sanwar Village, Udaipur, Rajasthan, Atirag Chaplot did his schooling at Fatehnagar and Udaipur and graduated from Mumbai University.

A qualified Chartered Accountant, Atirag got fascinated towards Civil Services at an early age and believed he can do it. He took three attempts to accomplish the goal

He showed strength to push through the pain due to successive failure and learned from the mistakes, he committed in earlier attempts.

Being from CA Background, Atirag opted for Commerce and Accountancy as optional subject.

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The strongest factor for success in Civil services Examination is self esteem. The first thing that matters is that you believe in your goal and consider it in within your reach; rather think that you deserve it.

Talented Atirag Chaplot (AIR 15; CSE 2018) had commenced his venture with success in sight; however, he had to wait till his third attempt to reach his destination.

Sharing his journey for dream career Atirag said, “An aspirant must have the perseverance to stick to smart study-plan until it is not conquered. I have been a serious contender throughout in my academics and previous achievements include - Article of the Year (2014 CA), Best outgoing Student (2011), All India Rank 15 (CA IPCC); All India Rank 16 (CA Finals) and when I took plunge into Civil Services Examination I always believed that I will surely get it.”ATIRAG-CHAPLOT-IAS-Topper-15th Rank-CSE-2018-UPSC-Commerce

Atirag’s leisure pursuits Yoga, Meditation (Vipassana), self-development and even Web surfing helped him survive tough times and finally in reaching his goal.

Narrating how his career advancement took a turn towards ‘Civil Services’ Atirag said, “Chartered Accountancy was part of my back up plan; bearing in mind the impact of service by bureaucrats on ground especially in Udaipur, in fact career in ‘Civil Services’ had become my personal ambition from class 9 onwards. When you draw inspiration from someone who is an ‘influencer’, you try to emulate such effects and precisely this motivated me to go for it.”ATIRAG-CHAPLOT-IAS-Topper-15th Rank-CSE-2018-UPSC-Commerce

I come from a simple family; my father is small cloth merchant in nearby town and my mother is housewife. Sister is also a Chartered Accountant. Their moral support and belief was deciding factor in me acing the examination.

I commenced my preparation with support of family and guidance from seniors. For preparation, I got some advice from some of the previous years’ successful candidates. Other than that I planned my own strategy and chose sources for preparation.

My first attempt was non-serious. Second attempt taught me a lot about failures, life, importance of writing practice, role of support in such endeavours, etc.

The things that I realized in my second attempt were crucial in my success and it could be possible just because of support of family. Besides, writing practice and a planned effort helped me reach my destination in my third attempt.

I had a backup plan as this exam and its results are unpredictable. I prepare personalized strategy keeping in mind my study habits, retention, interests etc.

As Preliminary Examination is 80% challenge 20% luck. It has to be managed by smart studies and maximum mock-Prelims.

The factor that matters a lot is Optional subject; many toppers have leveraged score in optional to get in list and get good services.

Selection of optional subject is very important; always essential to have mental confidence due to command over optional, so that we can focus on General Studies and answer writing.

I had interest in each of General Studies papers. In this attempt the focus was on answer writing and presentation and completion of paper. I tried to select limited sources and revised repeatedly.

Most important was previous toppers copies and model essays on internet. I marked my General Studiesnotes topic-wise which helped in revising last day before essay.

My Personality Test was on 13th March 2019 and I faced Dr. Manoj Soni’s Board. It was a pleasant and satisfying experience. I secured the highest marks (206 marks) in interview in India this time.

Rank 15 that ensure post of ‘IAS’ is possible only because of good score in Interview and I must acknowledge my final score is above my expectations in interview.

Previous Selections

I am All India Rank 16 in CA finals too.(Age 20 years)

Secret of Success

Consistent efforts regardless of successes or failures.

Credit for Success

My mother, father, sister and a senior of my school (currently an RAS- Dr. Abhishek Goyal)ATIRAG-CHAPLOT-IAS-Topper-15th Rank-CSE-2018-UPSC-Commerce

Advice to Future Aspirants

This is a big examination and requires planned study.

The following three mantras can surely guide you to success:

  1. Have self belief
  2. Do relaxed study
  3. Revise as many times as possible
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