“Accepting Failures with a Smile and Learning from Mistakes Made it Easier” says Mayank Gupta (AIR 177; CSE 2018)

A Medico Mayank Gupta from Alwar, Rajasthan has been rewarded for his hard work and patience as he achieved an impressive success in Civil Services Examination and secured 177th Rank.

He had to wait a little longer as this success came to him in his fifth attempt.

He had chosen his own subject Medical Sciences as Optional Subject.

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We write our destiny ourselves; we just need to keep faith in our abilities and with believe in self, almost all desires come true.

For Mayank Gupta (AIR 177; CSE 2018), it has been a long wait before he could taste the sweetness of success.

When Mayank began his foray in to Civil Services Examination, it was copy book style; with excitement and enthusiasm and things begin at a brisk pace. Soon, he came in terms with realities and things slowed down a bit.

Narrating the journey Mayank said, “Sometimes it is unpredictable nature of examination that stumps you; sometimes, it is uncertainty of your own behavious that lets you down. However, hope of success gives us all a reason for trying again.”


“This success came to me in 5th attempt. In my first attempt CSE 2014 wrote Mains, CSE 2015 and 2016 could not clear Prelims; CSE 2017 again appeared in Main Examination and finally with CSE 2018 cracked it and secured 177th Rank”, he added.

 “When You Face Difficult Times, Know That Challenges Are Not Sent To Destroy You”

I accept these words as true in my case and helped me in shaping my endeavour.

Four years of trying and failing; but, for me, all my previous attempts acted as stepping stones for the present achievement. I gave my 100% in my every attempt, failed at every stage of the examination. Still, I kept trying and in this process, I gain knowledge of manoeuvring through the high tides and storms to keep moving towards my destination. I learnt from my mistakes and finally in my fifth attempt I achieved the long awaited success.

Commenting on how he got attracted towards career in Civil Service Mayank said, “The level of impact of civil services on society is higher than any other job or service. In addition, the nature of the job is itself challenging and gets utmost respect from society which provides both personal and professional satisfaction.

Giving full credit of his success to family and acknowledging their contribution Mayank said, “My father Shri Anil Kumar Gupta is an Assistant Engineer in Rajasthan Vidyut Prasaran Nigam.  My mother Smt. Manju Gupta is housewife.  My Brother Dr. Pankaj Gupta is also a doctor and presently pursuing his Post graduation in Paediatrics from GMERS, Vadodara.  All the members of my family put their utmost trust and faith in my dreams, decisions, actions and efforts. They were supportive through all my difficult times and multiple failures.”Mayank-Gupta-cse-2108-ias-topper-177th-rank-upsc-Medical-Science-Rajasthan

Mayank got the right advice on preparation plan from his senior and mentor Dr. Pushpender Punia IRS and friend Dr. Rajesh Samota. In addition, he used online platforms for planning advice. Intensive use of internet for preparation helped me manage my study-plan.

When I had started, it was something big and aspirations bigger. I always believed that with examination is within my reach and I kept on doing what I could in each attempt.

Though, it took a little more time; but, in this process I have become a stronger and more positive person.

My attitude played a part in my success all the time. Accepting failures with a smile and learning from mistakes made it easier for me to handle the pressure.

If I have to list some factors that contributed the most in getting top ranks in this attempt  that will include - Smart study, Self-analysis and Consistent Improvement, Belief in myself, Perseverance. Apart from that a dedicated preparation for interview and thinking from the perspective of examiner helped me in getting a very high score in interview.

Credit for success

My Family & Friends

Secret of Success 

“Give your best, leave the rest”

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Advice to motivate future aspirants 

There are 2 things “इच्छा” (Wish) and “इरादा” (Determination).

You all came here with a wish; now, it’s time to ‘work hard and smart’ with determination, you will definitely get success.

Nothing is impossible it is just a matter of time.

“All the Best” !




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