It is your own Journey; Make your own Path and Execute your Plans with Precision; says Akshat Jain (AIR 2; CSE 2018)

Civil Services Examination is tough and while preparing, it poses many hurdles and challenges. If you constantly challenge yourself, the growth is there for taking.

After graduating from IIT Guwahati in Design Akshat Jain decided to take a plunge into Civil Services Examination and in his second attempt he produced remarkable result by securing second rank in CSE 2018.

He has picked up Anthropology as optional subject.

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It is all about ability, motivation and attitude that matter when it comes to prioritizing factors that contribute in your success.

These three words proved to be magical in Akshat Jain’s success in Civil Services Examination 2018 and helped him reach his immediate destination.

“I begun with an end in mind” said elated Akshat and if I could do it, it is a result of constant sources of my motivation - my parents.

Revealing the raison d'être for chosing career in Civil Services Akshat said, “I decided about making career in 'Civil Services' in 3rd year of my college when I had interned in a Private Sector Company.”

"At that time I decided what I want from life goes beyond from say earning money. Both of my parents are Civil Servant; they always told me there is a sense of satisfaction you get when you help others through your position. And the prestige you get with the position is unparalleled in our country”, he added.

It was his second attempt that got him Rank 2.

Letting know his plans, hurdles he faced and execution strategy Akshat said, “In first attempt that I gave after graduating from college, I had only 2-3 months for preparation. As a result, I couldn’t clear Preliminary Examination.

So, after one year of preparation you can say CSE 2018 is the first serious attempt.


I have done my graduation from IIT Guwahati in Design that was not in option among optional subjects available; so, I had to choose something different.

Out of that, syllabus of Anthropology caught my eye. The socio-cultural component of Anthropology is one which interests me to know about the society and culture.

Now, I feel my decision was right; I think so because I was quite efficient in my optional. I used to love writing answers and I thought that I had an edge in this optional.

My concentration was on timely completion of syllabus and answer writing.

My strategy was similar to all General Studies papers, understanding the complete syllabus; preparing each and every word and prepares short notes out of it. So that was the basic strategy and apart from that answers writing continued.

When you start writing and you have right strategy then you can expect result. Having a proper strategy is the key.

I did not do any coaching for General Studies. So, it was all self- study and I just ensured that each and every word mentioned in syllabus is covered in time. I referred basic books and made short notes and revised and gave test.

For Essay, I wrote one essay per week and before examination I had write about 10-12 essays. I used to choose some random topics from previous year or anywhere and I wrote it down and sent to my seniors from where I got valuable feedback and I was quite confident that this is an area where I can score marks.

I had a lot of time as my interview was in the end. So, I prepared basic notes for subjects like economy, polity and I started to build my opinions on various issues. Reading newspaper comprehensively was important part. Making my opinions, taking mock interviews and analysing issues helped.AKSHAT-JAIN-IAS-TOPPERS-CSE-2018-Rank-2UPSC-Anthopology

When I look back, my right strategy contributed the most in my success; and apart from this the positivity which I got from my parents helped me perform.

Both of my parents are Civil Servants. My father is IPS, mother is IRS, my younger brother is in college right now and Grandmother also stay with us.

Secret of success

Mix of hard work and a little break in between; the balance that is much needed, one must not become a machine and put 24 hours thinking about it. Give time to your parents, friends; but, don’t forget you have to give maximum hours to this preparation.

Credit for your success goes to my parents; God also played a major role in my success. My friends also deserve credit for this success.AKSHAT-JAIN-IAS-TOPPERS-CSE-2018-Rank-2UPSC-Anthopology

An Advice for future aspirants

It is your own journey; please make your own path. Once you decide just stick to it.

There is a lot of guidance available; sometimes in excess and that is enough to misguide you. So don’t lose your originality and make your own strategy.

Remain self-motivated and confident.

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