Being among top 10 is unbelievable; this is not something I even dreamt of; says Vaishali Singh (AIR 8; CSE 2018)

When you are preparing for Exam like it, you need to have a plan; and you have to work really hard to achieve your goal.

Vaishali Singh (AIR 8; CSE 2018), a Law graduate from National Law University, Delhi has achieved a splendid success in Civil Services Examination 2018.

She had shown faith in her own subject Law that she chose as optional subject.


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“My goal is congruent with my true purpose of life” says Vaishali Singh (AIR 8; CSE 2018), a Law graduate from National Law University, Delhi.

Recipient of many Gold Medals at NLU, Delhi for academic as well as for sports and even represented India in Philip C. Jessup Moot Court Festival, Student Team Leader and member, Sports Committee Vaishali is versatile; and she was just searching route for reaching her destination – success in Civil Services Exam.

Candid in talks Vaishali said, “I was working in a Law firm and there were certain experiences that gave me a feel that there was something missing and I realised there could not be any service better than Civil Services to work at a level.”

“I had in mind that if this doesn’t work then NGOs are an option; but, I am glad that it worked out” she added.

I took my first attempt with Civil Services Examination 2017. As I had started preparation just three months before the examination, I wasn’t fully prepared. As a result, I couldn’t clear Preliminary Examination.

This was my second attempt with CSE 2018 that gave me Rank 8.VAISHALI-SINGH-ias-topper-cse-2018-8th-rank-Law-2nd-attempt

I never used to think about the results because if you think about that, then the unpredictable nature of the exam really gets on to you and it becomes really difficult for you to believe in yourself. My fore motto was I will give my best and I was sure nature of exam will reward the smart hard work and effort that I put in.

The saying “Do your work, don’t care about the journey” helped me.

Initially, when I was to opt for Optional subject, I picked up Law.  I am a Law graduate so, for me it was an easy choice. Moreover, when you see your subject performing well, there is no need to look further.

I come from Lawyers family; my parents are lawyers, they practice in Faridabad district court and I have a younger brother, he is also a lawyer.VAISHALI-SINGH-ias-topper-cse-2018-8th-rank-Law-2nd-attempt

I am very comfortable with Law as I am a gold medallist too. So, that’s my forte. I didn’t have to put in a lot of effort when it comes to law. So, the effort I saved up I used it in other areas.

Initially, I took some weekend classes; but, in last one year I have been guided by R.K.Gupta sir. I give him a lot of credit.

Besides General Studies, definitely, I focused a lot on Essays because Essay preparation is usually neglected by students. As a matter of fact, Essays do make a lot of difference as the marking goes from one hinge to another. I made sure that I understood the demands of this paper.


Talking about Personality Test, I think my interview went pretty well. I think it was a decent interview.

If I visualize, the consistency of hard work contributed the most in my success because there is no substitute of constant effort in this exam. And guidance of some people which helped me save up on time and effort.

Looking at my performance, I think it was Law and Essay also that I did really well. Again, General Studies Paper 2 and 3 were my stronger points.

In a competitive exam like UPSC, one needs to have guidance to ensure that you don’t get lost in the process and that you are able to achieve your dream and guidance comes from so many sources that are around us.

Secret of success


Credit for your success

My parents; they have always been by my side. They saved each and every time that I could have wasted on another work. After them my mentor and friends.

Advice for future aspirants

To know your weaknesses is more important than to know your strengths and find a way to overcome those weaknesses.

Self-correction can prevent whatever is holding you back.

And the most important one is Hard Work.

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