An initiative by a state’s IAS institute helps 12 candidates crack coveted Civil Services Exam 2018

West Bengal has achieved what many other states could not.

Civil Services Study Centre (also known as CSSC) conceptualized and inaugurated by West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee in 2014, has helped 12 candidates mentored by the institute to find a place in the merit-list of the UPSC Civil Service Exam 2018. The CSSC is under CEPM headed by Moloy De, Chief Secretary of West Bengal and is run by a young IAS, Rajanvir Singh Kapur.

Rising aspirations; but, no credible option for an effective Civil services Examination preparation saw declining share in successes from West Bengal.

A government of West Bengal initiative Civil Services Study Centre (also known as CSSC) came in to existence in 2014 and after that till 2018, 6 students got selected in the UPSC Civil Service Exams.

However, this year 12 students linked with the center have made it to the final list of the UPSC Civil Service Exam 2018 and this has been a record. Out of the total selections, two of them Mainak Ghosh (AIR 31) and Saurabh Suman Yadav (AIR 55) have figured among top 100.

This is quite an achievement for any state run such centre in the country. Some sources are pointing that it is the best ever result from Bengal in decades, leave alone years.

From sources and successful candidates’ feedback, it becomes apparent that the credit for bringing about this change goes to Course Director, Rajanvir Singh Kapur IAS who has been looking after the CSSC since last one year.

We tried to contact Mr. Kapur; but, he was unavailable for comment.

A guest faculty at the CSSC said, “Civil Services Examination preparation is very different from regular tutoring; it is structured learning and knowing the intricacies that help in cracking the fiercely fought competition.”

“Rich and relevant contents, valuable guidance and state of the art audio-visual classrooms ensures satisfactory experience; periodic evaluation of their progress and motivational interactive sessions with in service IAS Officers help candidates in bringing out the best and improved performance.”, she added.

The topmost rank from CSSC is Mainak Ghosh (AIR-31) who is from Kolkata. He has chosen his own graduation subject, Zoology, as his optional subject.

Commenting on his splendid success Mainak said, I dedicate this success to my family and friends. Guidance from the side of CSSC, KOLKATA and Rajanvir S Kapur Sir is invaluable. Without this I would never be able to achieve this at all. I feel blessed.“

Next success from CSSC is an Electronics Engineer from Heritage Institute of Technology Saurabh Suman Yadav (AIR-55) hailing from Kalyani. He also did his MBA from IIM Lucknow and opted for Management as his optional subject.

Expressing his feelings Saurabh said, It's a dream come true. The guidance from CSSC and especially Rajanvir Sir during the interview process helped me focus on the important areas, stay calm on the interview day and enabled me to give my best shot.”

Sushant Singh son of an IFS officer borne on the West Bengal cadre has taken hold of rank 189.

Showing gratitude for the support he got from CSSC, Sushant said,CSSC classes in ATI helped me a lot with my civil service preparation. More specifically the guidance provided by RajanvirKapur Sir proved immensely valuable in my preparation especially for the interview which helped me secure AIR of 189 in civil service exam 2018.’

THE 12 selected candidates with Rank are:

























This success truly goes to prove that a single civil servant, if dedicated to the cause, can bring immense change to the system. From the CSSC website, it can be seen how the revamping has taken place during last one year. “This has broken the myth that West Bengal cannot produce Civil Servants”, commented a very senior IAS of Bengal cadre requesting anonymity.

Such centres are run in many states like Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Gujarat etc. but what West Bengal has done, is really remarkable.

Last Update Wednesday 1st May 2019     

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