“Dreams come true if you want them to and show courage to pursue them

Sparsh Gupta, hailing from Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh (L.L.B. from National Law School of India University, Bangalore, Karnataka) has accomplished his goal by achieving success in Civil Services Examination 2018.

Since childhood, Sparsh had low vision problem that kept on deteriorating gradually; but, he had imagined something big in life and to achieve that he kept on making sincere efforts.

He commenced his professional life with Luthra & Luthra Offices in Delhi and Right now, Sparsh is working as Assistant Legal Advisor in ONGC, Western Onshore Basin, Vadodara (Gujarat).


There are two types of people; one, born Genius and achieve things relatively easily with wit and sharpness; on the other side, there are a lot of hard working people with ‘Never say die’ attitude and despite all odds, they leave no stone unturned and with genuine hard work make impossible looking things possible.

This story is about Sparsh Gupta person with disability (having low vision) who has faced all difficulties in life; but, never let his dreams fade. He imagined something big in life and then made efforts to put life in to the dreams and finally he succeeded and achieved success in prestigious Civil Services Examination 2018.

Presenting his story in his own words:

“Sky is the limit” and “Dreams come true if you want them to” are the lines that come to my mind when people ask what you feel about clearing the most prestigious exam of the country.

Life is never only a bed of roses, it is full of both roses and thorns, it is your job to pick out the thorns from your way and achieve what you have set out as your goal.

The journey so far has been full of hardships and challenges, but, sheer willpower to achieve my final goal, unflinching support from my parents and my younger sister and constant support and guidance from my teachers and friends has always inspired and motivated me to become a role model for People with Disability.

I had cataract by birth and both my eyes were operated at a tender age of 4 months.

Later, at the age of 10, I lost vision in left eye due to severe glaucoma. Later on, vision in right eye has been deteriorating in the past decade. All this has always thrown up newer challenges for me physically and mentally.

Moving around places, reading and writing and communication have been challenging in the aftermath. Despite that, looking at the larger picture and achieve success in life has always motivated me to move ahead in life.

Why Civil Services?

“While working in Luthra and Luthra Law Offices, I could not feel that I was contributing to the society as my capabilities suggest and a big platform to work for the masses motivated me to take up Civil Services as a career.

The biggest reason for that being, while working as a Civil Servant, I could contribute to the spread of awareness about the challenges for the differently abled and also inculcate knowledge about their rights and avenues for them.

Having experienced both parts of society due to my gradual decline in vision, I believe I am the right candidate to do that.”

Things haven’t been straightforward in any of my endeavours so far.

I am a visually challenged person who had to constantly deal with health challenges and accessibility issues when I set out on this journey.

But, God has been kind and I kept bumping into people who have constantly helped me in this journey and are an equal partner in my success. From Karam sir, Director, Nirvana IAS who has been the biggest contributor to this achievement and catalyst in my success, Wadhwa sir who used to teach us History at Nirvana proved to be quite helpful.

To add a few more who have contributed to this success, people from Vision IAS without whom clearing Prelims was a challenge as they were technologically advanced and to the National Association for the Blind who were my last resort when I could not find the preparation material accessible.

My scribe Manya Sharma is an equal contributor to this success and I cannot repay ever in life what she has done for me.

In conclusion, so far the journey has been full of ups and downs; sometimes, it has felt like it is tough to move forward. But, the motivation to prove my critics wrong and to set an example for People with Disability has inspired me to keep working towards this goal and as the saying goes,

“lehron se darker nauka paar nhi hoti, koshish karne walon ki kabhi haar nhi hotti”

लहरों से डर कर नौका पार नहीं होती, कोशिश करने वालों की कभी हार नहीं होती

On Wednesday 1st May 2019     

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