In a nutshell, understand the nature of questions being asked in Preliminary Examination

In an attempt to understand the questions, one needs to recognize it clearly as most of the questions being asked in Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination are tricky and twisted.

You need to understand question which requires careful reading of question paper.


With increasingly dynamic and more demanding syllabus, one needs to understand the examiners’ intent and how UPSC frames the questions for Preliminary Examination General Studies Paper 1.

It is all about higher level of understanding and knowledge of concepts.

Earlier, many candidates believed the theory that UPSC has exhausted almost all direct questions which can be asked in the examination.

The twist in the questions asked was seen as an attempt to diminish the chance of question being repeated.

Now, with aptitude test in place, the things are getting crystal clear that UPSC continuously aimed to examine your capabilities and alertness of your mind to comprehend.

You need innovative approach for learning and those identify the benefits of ‘Integrated Approach’ (commencing preparation with Main Examination orientation), find it easy to handle Prelims General studies Paper 1.

UPSC want candidates to put their thinking caps on. After all, their purpose is to recommend the suitable candidates for such higher posts.

Yes, these questions are formulated in such a way that now proper attention and a little more time is required to understand these.

Look at past few years question papers and you will agree that most of the questions are not direct and involve a lot of intelligence at the same time will require you to apply the concepts and some thinking skills such as application and analysis.

While you are concentrating on preparation, you must recognize the link between your accumulated knowledge and the examination techniques for a brilliant performance. 

You need to prepare cautiously otherwise you will be left scratching your head while attempting the Preliminary Examination question papers.

While practising and applying knowledge and skills helps you perform; by knowing the UPSC exam pattern, you have another factor “Negative Marking” that makes your task little more risky if you don’t prepare well.

Last Update Tuesday 30th April 2019     

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