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Top 10 Optional Subjects with highest Success-Rate in Civil Services Examination 2015

When we discuss about optional subject performances, some of the popular Optional Subjects have seen striking changes in fortunes showing huge swings; similarly, fate of candidates opting for such optional subjects has been impacted accordingly.

As has been pointed out many a time, after CSE 2013 when only ‘ONE’ optional subject regime came in effect, chances of subjects like Medical Science, Law, Anthropology, Commerce and Accountancy, Management, Economics have gone up.

(Source: 67th UPSC Annual Report)



While looking for a perfect choice while short listing optional subjects, one of the important criteria is Success-Rate; here are some observation based on data extracted from the 67th UPSC Annual Report that may help you in spotting current-trends.

When it comes to success-rate, top 5 places have been occupied with optional subjects from Literature of Languages.

Top 10 Optional Subjects - Success Rate - CSE 2015

Look at the number of candidates appeared and you will understand that drawing any conclusion based on such small number of candidates does not point any trend in favour of Literature of Languages subjects and their result show vast variation year-on-year.

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Among these only Literature of Tamil Language looks stable; but, performance of Literature of Languages is incoherent and we witness violent ups-and-downs.

Keeping in mind the same rationale for purpose of analysing success-rate, we have considered those optional subjects where 150 or more candidates appeared in Civil Services Examination 2015.

Top 10 list (Optional Subjects with 150 plus Candidates Appeared)

Why we chose to look at subjects with 150 plus candidates appeared? One, if we pick less than 100 candidates, smaller sample size would have given inconsistent results and if would have made it 200 plus candidates, we would have missed some trending optional subjects like Commerce & Accountancy and Economics that are steadily moving in recent years.

When we list out optional subjects with highest success-rate, subject like Medical Science (327 Candidates), Law (245 Candidates), Anthropology (641 Candidates), Commerce & Accountancy (152 Candidates), Mathematics (258 Candidates), Economics (185 Candidates) grabs your attention.

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Though these subjects along with a few like Management and few other pure Science and Engineering subjects are gaining popularity; theory that comes to mind is that now, candidates are showing conviction with their own subjects and are able to perform up to UPSC standards and are achieving success.

Though Public Administration has made a strong come-back, Sociology and Political Science & International Relations have put on more strength.

If we have to list the disappointments, Geography (3.4 Percent) and Literature of Hindi Language (2.8 Percent) have returned miserable results and have ruined many dreams.

Top 10 Most Popular Optional Subjects with Highest Success-Rate

Top 10 Optional Subjects - Highest Success Rate - CSE 2015

While taking final decision, you need to look at the other parameters like Candidates Recommended and Success-Rate that gives you a better picture about any optional subject you like.

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